Vip Vip, Hooray!: Now it's getting really dirty!

Jens Spahn has peddled his Berlin villa, "Papa Peter" is said to have brought his wife's money through and the jungle camp runner-up Gigi creams off a lot.

Vip Vip, Hooray!: Now it's getting really dirty!

Jens Spahn has peddled his Berlin villa, "Papa Peter" is said to have brought his wife's money through and the jungle camp runner-up Gigi creams off a lot. This week's celebrity column on how to get rich and famous quick.

What an instructive week lies behind us! Dear readers, I don't know how you've muddled through your modest life up until now, but maybe you're making the mistake and going for a regular job? Getting up around 5 a.m., sitting tired on the way to work in the subway, time clocks, unpaid overtime and letting your boss come to you for little money? Possibly you have always resolved your family disputes away from the public eye up until now? Totally wrong attitude! Of course, it can't be like that with the big bucks and social advancement.

Do you know the US series "Mad Men"? It's all about the smart copywriter Don Draper and the advertising agency Sterling Cooper. The series begins in the 1950s, of course women had no say in that and were only allowed to bring a coffee. The series shows all the prerequisites that have to interlock in order to bring good advertising to the market, even if the product is sometimes simply worthless. But with the right testimonial, the biggest Tinnef can be marketed.

That went well for a long time, let's cut it short here: Then came the social media. Nowadays anyone can be a testimonial and well paid advertising face. All you have to do is post your own life on Instagram and the cash register rings. Embarrassments, marital dramas, confessions, riots? The more the better. Quit your job! Become a social media star!

It's getting really dirty now! It's best to do it like Iris Klein! Spouse stress? Post everything on Instagram! The two were married for many years, and now not a day goes by when the allegedly betrayed wife doesn't wash dirty laundry and leak intimate details about her husband to the public. Poor Peter! So we found out this week that the fourth man from "Eiris" is said to have had a hair transplant and got new tattoos for women, as well as underwear - of course from a brand company. Peter Klein likes to wear Calvin Klein panties. The name - you guessed it - obliges.

So if you're having any drama going on, please let the world know immediately! Likewise, if your future ex-husband or ex-wife lives like the grub in the bacon and at your expense! Just like "Papa Peter"! Which Iris no longer wants to feed after he no longer wants to save their marriage. Peter prefers to go to the gym instead of working and only became a social media shooting star thanks to the polished Iris and her famous family. Reward for the public marriage drama of the past few weeks: 174,000 followers and the prospect of participating in the 2024 jungle camp.

If you too want to become a social media star fast, celebrating your own everyday life is not only the be-all and end-all, but the very best strategy for earning more with one post than others in three months of regular work. Every new drama brings followers. Be smart! Do it like the little ones!

We now know from our jungle camp runner-up Gigi that he gets a four-digit sum for a single Instagram post. Maybe you'll get an identifier on top of that. Speak indistinctly into the camera or speak conspicuously incorrectly or with an accent, even though you speak fluent Swabian like Instagram star Cosimo Citiolo!

The fact that the really famous are no happier than the normal little citizen is something we can see this week from the former Minister of Health Jens Spahn. Jensi and his partner shelled out several million euros to have a leisurely breakfast with the Bild newspaper in their own villa in Berlin, but unfortunately there was simply no feeling of home in the expensive Butze. The bold faecal packages that stupid people sent to Spahn's address in Berlin-Dahlem also encouraged the couple to pack the violin. The German capital is overrated anyway! There is almost no affordable living space left, they can't arrange elections here either, and the Z celebrities in particular are now partying at the much sought-after Berlinale.

If you don't feel like all the Instagram frills, you can of course set up an OnlyFans account to start raking in the really big bucks as soon as possible. The best example of perfect self-marketing: the Wendlers. This week, the expectant papi Michi also spoke up and made a statement about his Laura's pregnancy: "We have not yet announced the gender of our baby and only we will announce it in due course." That's nice news that lets us all dance into the weekend!

There is only one official act left on the way there: Be sure to turn on our RTL tonight at 8:15 p.m. and watch "Let's Dance" (or on RTL )! Also on board: Boris Becker's daughter, "König Knossi" and Natalia Yegorova (formerly Klitschko). One two, cha-cha-cha, one two, cha-cha-cha... See you next week!