Vip Vip, Hooray!: "The Student of Class 3"

Gottschalk rants about bad-tempered journalists, Kate Merlan lets the rumor mill seethe and a photographer unpacks about Laura Müller.

Vip Vip, Hooray!: "The Student of Class 3"

Gottschalk rants about bad-tempered journalists, Kate Merlan lets the rumor mill seethe and a photographer unpacks about Laura Müller. Vip Vip, Hooray! The current celebrity review is here and with it the wish: Almklausi, you have to fight for your love!

Leakomio! This week it was particularly high with the celebrities! And this has nothing to do with the fact that the World Cup has started in Qatar and everyone is watching closely. Our celebrities have other concerns than worrying about whether they can sit in front of the telly with a clear conscience.

Thomas Gottschalk is someone who has been the subject of much media attention in recent days. The moderator continued with the current edition of his program "Wetten, dass...?" a dream quota, but pushes criticism of his moderation, for which he is said to have not prepared, to "a few grumpy journalists" who would "sit on their sofas with a pen and take notes". . Which above all suggests one thing: one's own superiority in the face of any critical observation.

Anyone who criticizes Thomas Gottschalk can only be a grumpy person who complains about everything and everyone. And women, who by the way also didn't think it was great that the 72-year-old addressed the national soccer player Giulia Gwinn by a wrong name or surprised his co-moderator Michelle Hunziker with questions about her love life, are so many "bet that.. ?" fans: "bitter, jealous and unbumped." Dear Tommy, when a show takes a year to prepare and Tom Buhrow sits in the front row, it should be legitimate to criticize a bad soundtrack that causes problems throughout the evening.

She doesn't come out of the criticism either: Laura Müller. This week it was warmed up again that Michael Wendler's 22-year-old wife was only 16 when they first met the singing conspiracy theorist and not, as both claimed, of legal age. Or as Billy Idol would sing: "That runaway child / oh, sweet sixteen / gave my heart an engagement ring."

They met for the first time on June 10, 2017 at a city festival. Wendler at this point: married. The photographer Roberto Abramowski, who took a photo of the two, told the "Bild" newspaper: "In the evening there was a big hit party on the market. That's when I saw Laura for the first time." Organizer of the event: Müller's father. This was the only way the student at the time got into the VIP area. "There she adored Wendler."

Speaking of adoring: "The most famous woman from Tangermünde" can now do this as well as many others. The only condition: a subscription to the erotic platform "Onlyfans". But the media also wrote these days that today's It-Girl, about whom former classmates say she sat "at Edeka at checkout 3" as a student, literally "went on man hunt" and also had "beautiful eyes" for other singers in front of Wendler " did. But let's make it clear at this point: the two are still a unit. Dear Laura isn't just "Switzerland" to her Michi, she's also devoted to her. It doesn't matter whether the husband of the gods has just shared stupid frippery from "Millet Hitler" on his Telegram channel. Even her own mother is said to be critical of her daughter's relationship.

But ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, now the really bad rumors are coming! The former trumpet prodigy Stefan Mross just announced the separation from his wife Anna-Carina Woitschack, hey presto, the hit sky is crooked because of another lady! A woman with pepper in the butt, one who is not unknown in trash TV and recently made a name for herself with a "sex tape".

The rumor mill is churning. Is Kate Merlan the newcomer to the hit star's side? The fact is: the two seem to have put things right together. Merlan posted several "evidence" showing her and Mross at the chiropractor. Her love affairs with "Jenseits von Eden" interpreter Nino de Angelo and the former member of the boy band "Caught in the Act", Benjamin Boyce, remain unforgettable.

The saddest news this week is the announcement of the separation between Almklausi and his Maritta. After ten years it's over! A year and a half after participating in the “Summer House of the Stars”, the 37-year-old announces the end of love. But there is one thing that nobody can take away from the Ballermann star "and that is the pure lust for life". Until next week!

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