Vip, Vip, Hooray!: Why Ron Bielecki Needs Help

The YouTube star Ron Bielecki freaks out when drunk and insults people with a monthly wage of 1,500 euros as "low earners".

Vip, Vip, Hooray!: Why Ron Bielecki Needs Help

The YouTube star Ron Bielecki freaks out when drunk and insults people with a monthly wage of 1,500 euros as "low earners". A debate then erupted online about the dangers of alcohol, shitstorms and the role of social media.

The phrase: "We live in difficult times" can certainly apply to every generation in one way or another, loosely adapted from Kurt Tucholsky: "Something is always". But never has the world seemed to be in such an acute imbalance as it is today. The role played by social media is another piece of paper. Because the example of a young man named Ron Bielecki shows that there is little social and a lot anti-social about this media.

Now, you could argue this is a celebrity column and Ron Bielecki isn't a celebrity or star, but it's not that simple. Because Ron Bielecki is a social media star with a huge reach. Reach, even artificially inflated, is the new currency of our time. If you have a lot of followers on social media, you get attention, are sometimes courted by the "old" media without questioning, get book deals, role offers for TV and so on. In the past, to be considered a star, people had to achieve something. Today it is often enough to please the algorithm on Instagram and dance on Tiktok.

A veritable bubble full of influencers and social media stars has emerged that hardly anyone doubts, probably also because everyone makes good money from it: the media, publishers, advertising agencies. It's frightening how quickly a large reach on social media and the resulting interest of the public turns ordinary people into self-drunk loudmouths who powder their butts uncritically for a long time and let everything get away with it. One of them: Ron Bielecki.

The 23-year-old serves as a prime example of just how quirky conventional wisdom is about who is considered a star these days. Bielecki began his "career" with videos on fitness and nutrition on YouTube. A drinking technique he invented, which shows how to down a lot of alcohol behind the bandage in a very short time, is said to have boosted his reach enormously. The younger audience is fascinated. The bon vivant, who publicly propagates his luxurious lifestyle, casts a spell over young people in particular, in the spirit of: he has everything, he can afford everything, he's living a dream.

Many doors are open to Bielecki. He is a star on Instagram and YouTube and is now probably very wealthy. But apparently he not only has a disturbed relationship with alcohol, but also with people who are not in his league. After attending a Rammstein concert, the social media star got into a fight with a passer-by this week. His rants about a person whom he describes as "a low-wage earner" show a frighteningly detached nature of a young man who seems to have lost his grip on reality through his drunkenness and success.

If you can squander 30,000 euros on alcohol in one night, it seems that you don't have to have any respect for people who earn less. "We don't have to deal with those on low wages," Bielecki yells. "What do you earn a month? 1500 euros! I'll piss that out, you low earner!" And further: "I'm not going home for a long time. Do you know what I'm doing? I'm ordering 20 Dom Perignons now, you'll earn them in 30 months. Because I earn 300,000 euros a month, you low earners! Sometimes I freak out too , when a guy with his fucking hood and his 500 euros a month wage is such a son of a bitch."

More and more people are now speaking up, including Pietro Lombardi, rapper Fler and comedian Udo Bönstrup. While Bielecki says about Fler that he "punched him in the face", "Udo" warns in an urgent statement about the dangers of too much alcohol consumption, which can quickly become a downward spiral if nobody is there to stop you: "I I can't take it anymore. I found Ron funny and likeable. To this day, when I've seen this video. One thing should be clear to all of us: sooner or later alcohol and drugs lead to overstepping boundaries and making you aggressive."

This shows how important it is that the community does not turn a blind eye when a young person obviously falls in public. We saw it on a lot of people before Bielecki. Instead of leaving Amy Winehouse alone, the paparazzi swooped in on the alcoholic, following her every step, documenting her physical decline, which was becoming increasingly apparent as a result of her addiction.

And so there's no use complaining about Ron Bielecki's shameful freak out or throwing a shitstorm at him. Comedian Bönstrup warns before that too. We have a young man here who, instead of public outrage, needs one thing above all: help.

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