Amira Pocher should have a lot of trouble! There is even talk of a shitstorm. Media headlines: “Now she has clearly gone too far!” Attention, only read this column with a clear nose and at least 40 euros in your wallet!

I recently stayed in a posh hotel in Cologne for work. It was a pretty, apparently very trendy house, where celebrities like to stop by, I was told, and which, on closer inspection, was only a little bit old. The bathtub was in the living room, a whirlpool, but you shouldn’t use it after 10 p.m. – out of respect for the neighbors, because the water bubbles are bubbling loudly. You know that from the jacuzzi at home.

Because my companion is a regular at the celebrity hotel, she received a decadently wrapped present upon check-out. The receptionist handed it to her with a big, proud smile. The celebrity gift was – a scented candle! The taster experience is in a sizeable glass, which would be perfect as a whiskey snifter and which would finally fit more of the baggy water of life than these unspeakably miserly 2 cl.

My companion handed this wonderful scented candle to me, standing still, on the grounds that they already had enough room scents. I was a bit overwhelmed. Because since my earliest youth I have been plagued by an incurable scent tree trauma, and my nose is extremely sensitive when it comes to smells. These mini fir trees swinging on the rear-view mirrors, which are supposed to create a nice car ambience: just thinking about these things gives me a narcotic feeling!

So at this point, dear readers, I hope you’ve noticed that the candle room fragrance hype has passed me by like the fizziest combination of freshly roasted coffee beans, bergamot and patchouli. The taster number is currently so en vogue that even the biggest media feminists are selling scented candles in their own online shop. It goes without saying that the price of the beguiling bouquet is sometimes around 100 euros. But hey, after all, you buy the saying that the future is female with the candle!

The moderator and entrepreneur Amira Pocher has now created a room fragrance. But before you take a closer look at her current product, which she is now bringing to the market for men and women – and of course for everyone else – in addition to her successful nail polish business, there is more squabbling. I read: “Shitstorm for Amira Pocher!” Or: “Bitter reckoning! Your dream bursts like a soap bubble”. What happened there, I ask myself and check her Instagram profile.

The alleged shitstorm is – a storm in a teacup! Ms. Pocher simply advertised her new room fragrance collection and just a moment: Is it possible that this is not well received by all fans? However, anyone who speaks of a shitstorm after a few critical comments has most likely sniffed the miracle tree for too long! Biggest excitement: Pocher’s fragrance for the slug costs 40 euros plus shipping costs!

Among other things, the price is made up this way because Amira has fair production in Germany and not, like Fynn Kliemann, in Bangladesh or other countries where fair wages are small and exploitation big.

Another point of criticism: the climate. “In a world in which resources and thus the climate have to be protected, Amira makes a huge fuss about the packaging – of a room fragrance. Completely crazy!” Yes madness! Let’s all rush to the Pochers and throw mashed potatoes at their walls! 40 euros are far too expensive! One is “not ready” to spend so much money. Incidentally, most of these effervescent people are the same ones who are emotionally upset because 8.99 euros for organic meat is a “rip-off” in their eyes.

Also a reproach: The product is “inauthentic”. Another reviewer also “couldn’t feel” it. It’s a pity, of course, but it’s important that everyone still feels themselves. And if it smells of bergamot and vanilla, all the better! Stay aromatic! Until next week!