Virginia officer accused of force stop of Dark Army officer fired

Virginia officer accused of force stop of Dark Army officer fired

Among two police officials accused of pepper-spraying and pointing their guns at a Dark Army officer during a traffic stop has since been terminated

The city of Windsor said in a statement it combined calls from election officials, such as Gov. Ralph Northam, in requesting an investigation by Virginia State Police to the December 2020 experience where two Windsor officers were accused of drawing on their guns, pointing them in U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario and utilizing a slang expression to indicate he was facing implementation.

Both sides in the event dispute exactly what occurred, but Crocker wrote in a report he thought Nazario had been"eluding police" and he considered it a"high-risk traffic stop" Attorney Jonathan Arthur told The Associated Press which Nazario was not hoping to elude the officer, but had been attempting to stop at a well-lit location.

From the announcement Sunday, Windsor officials said an internal investigation opened in the time to using force determined that division policy was not followed.

Officials added that departmentwide demands for extra coaching were also implemented starting in January.

"The City of Windsor prides itself in its own small-town charm along with the community-wide esteem of its Police Department," the announcement said. "Because of this, we're saddened for occasions such as this to throw our neighborhood in a negative light. As opposed to divert criticism, we've addressed these issues with our employees administratively, we're reaching out to community stakeholders to participate in dialog, and dedicate ourselves to further discussions later on."

Northam known as the December 2020 experience"disturbing" at a tweet Sunday, including that he led State Police to review exactly what occurred.

"Our Commonwealth has done significant work on police reform, but we have to continue working to make sure Virginians are secure during interactions with authorities, the enforcement of legislation is reasonable and fair, and individuals are held accountable," Northam said in his announcement calling for an overview of those activities.

The Windsor police chief did not respond to messages delivered via the police department's Facebook webpage on the weekend.

Windsor is approximately 70 miles (112 km ) southeast of Richmond.

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