Washington Town's mayor Hurried to Security Following homeless-advocate rioters storm City Hall

Some rioters pulled an American flag outside the construction and stomped on it -- before somebody managed to save the flag, a report stated

Washington Town's mayor Hurried to Security Following homeless-advocate rioters storm City Hall

Allegedly had to be hurried from City Hall on Friday morning following rioters apparently advocating for the displaced stormed the building.

"It was unsettling," Mayor Seth Fleetwood, that remained undeterred about asking people at a homeless encampment beyond the construction to maneuver 25 ft away, informed KIRO-TV of Seattle.

"They banged on the door and we got word they'd broken it were enteringand I had been advised to depart."

He had been taken out the rear door to his vehicle, the channel reported. Fleetwood stated he could not help comparing it to the rioters that violated the U.S. Capitol at Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

Bellingham Police advised the Herald about 20 rioters got within the lobby but no harm was done and nobody was hurt.

The Herald reported that people who lacked City Hall left with no incident and no arrests were made.

The team that assaulted Bellingham's City Hall also pulled an American flag which was flying beyond the building and started stomping on it. Someone managed to rescue the flag out of the rioters, KIRO reported.

Fleetwood told KIRO the town intended to request the members of this homeless encampment that required root late last year to maneuver 25 feet away from the building after many problems, such as harassment of county workers and lots of fires.

He added that the city is providing those from the encampment providers and provides and requesting them to leave willingly.

The rioters also allegedly grew hostile toward neighborhood journalists that they accused of invading their privacy.

1 radio reporter said the rioters stole his mic, spray-painted himthrew hot chocolate and tried to shoot his additional gear, for example his iPad. He said the rioters had yelled that he had been carrying"unauthorized" pictures of the demonstration.

"I have never experienced that type of belligerence," he said, based on KIRO. "We have had protests in Bellingham and I have never seen anyone behave like that."

The Herald reported that its journalists transferred away for security reasons since they watched other terrorists being harassed in addition to a formal with HomesNOW! , that advocates for displaced men and women.

"Their activities are a disservice to individuals that have homelessness and placing them at greater risk."

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