We analyzed the voting instructions for the Macron camp in Nupes / RN duels.

The presidential majority had divergent opinions about the possibility of forming a republican front in the 62 constituencies in which the New Popular Ecological and Social Union will face the National Rally ( RN) in the second round of legislative elections.

We analyzed the voting instructions for the Macron camp in Nupes / RN duels.

The presidential majority had divergent opinions about the possibility of forming a republican front in the 62 constituencies in which the New Popular Ecological and Social Union will face the National Rally ( RN) in the second round of legislative elections. Elisabeth Borne said, "Never give a shout to the far right." After discussing the "case-by-case" options that led to a veritable cacophony the night of the first round,

There is still a world between the national instructions, and the ones given by the eliminated local candidates. Jean-Michel Blanquer sends Nupes back to back with the far right. Some even call for a white vote to win the far right. "L'Obs” takes stock of voting instructions for the presidential majorities in the 62 constituencies.

Fabien Roussel was the first round's winner, but it only had 473 more votes than the far-right candidate. He received support from the presidential majority through Elisabeth Borne in person. She replied to one his tweets, "In the face the far right, will we always support candidates who respect republican value?" This is your case, Fabien Roussel.

Locally, Delphine Alexandre, the defeated candidate, called "without hesitation" to vote in favor of Fabien Roussel. Let us defend our republican values relentlessly! She tweeted the following:

Ergun Toparslan, who was a little ahead of the RN at the time, called Caroline Fiat to vote for her. "It's a round that we absolutely wanted avoid between the far left and the right. I will vote for Caroline Fiat in the second round, despite everything. In a Facebook video, the majority candidate explained that the territory can't afford a deputy from National Rally."

Nicolas Bays, who is in third place, "calls on voters who [him] trusted defeat the candidate Marine Le Pen", which indicates "Liberation". Un call that doesn't support Jean-Luc Melenchon, whose name he doesn't give.

Chantal Rybak, third in the voting, expressed her support for Alain Bruneel's outgoing deputy communist: "By default I support Alain Bruneel. However, his commitment to Nupes, which is a heterogeneous, undemocratic alliance raises questions for him." She writes on Facebook.

Letycia Ossibi, third to 225 votes, called "without reservation", to vote for Hubert Wulfranc (outgoing communist deputy), according to "ParisNormandie".

Victor Albrecht, third in the vote, tweeted Monday morning that he "called without reservation to vote Florence Loury, EELV candidate, against the National Front".

A press release was shared by Catherine Simonin, majority candidate. She stated that everyone has the right to decide how they want to present themselves. "But, she accepts Elisabeth Borne’s statement: "Not a voice for RN.

LREM Said Ahamada, the outgoing MP, simply asked that no vote be given to the RN candidate. "For this second round," he said. He tweeted, "We must defeat the National Rally candidates next Saturday."

Similar scenario, same voting instructions for Bertrand MasFraissinet. He said that he hoped that "no progressive voice" would be heard on the RN candidate and he was third. He also stated that he strongly disagrees with the programs being defended in round two.

Mariana Caillaud, who was third, posted a Facebook message: "On one hand, the National Rally should not be given a vote; on the other, Mr. Caillault, an elected socialist, is a good candidate for the republican project in this territory.

"Personallly, I have always fought against the RN's ideas and policies." Jeanne Roussel, regional newspaper "l'Ardennais", stated that she hoped no more votes would go to the RN during the second round.

Naima Sifer posted a Facebook message urging the rejection of National Rally. "I want to appeal to those who loved and accompanied me to the polls to reject ideas of far right. This choice will only lead to hatred, division, and rejection.

Nicolas Dupont Aignan won with 33.34%, despite being indirectly invested by the RN (which didn't present a candidate against his name), Mohamed Bida called on the second round to give "no voice" to the far right.

"On June 19, there are two views of political life. I'm not in either one. Actu.fr. told me that I believe the RN candidate should not get a vote. He did not however give any instructions for voting.

Dominique Potier, who was indirectly invested by Nupes, which did not oppose any candidate for the position, received Marika Bret's support. She praised Dominique Potier's performance on Twitter, saying that although they did not share the same project, "We did not have a similar project but we shared the attachment to the Republic." Ex-HRD of Charlie Hebdo and member of Republican Spring, Potier clarified that no new voice should be heard in the second round.

Virginie Caron Decroix (19.94%) has posted on Facebook that she rejects the RN. "My values, my convictions and I lead me to rejecting the party of far right. Next Sunday, the candidate for the RN should not be heard by one voice. Voters must mobilize and resist abstention!

The Ensemble candidate released a press release. Alexandrine Pintus stated that she would vote blank in round 2. Therefore, my vote will be blank. "A general delegate of Renaissance Stanislas Guierini has given me a voting instruction. He was in trouble in his constituency and called Twitter Monday to vote in support of the Nupes candidate. He wrote that he was confronted with Marine Le Pen and urged Marine Tondelier not to vote in the second round.

Francois Ruffin won't have the support from Pascal Rifflart, who indicated that he would like to vote blank. According to "Liberation," he tweeted that he would vote blank. Since then, he has deleted his post.

According to France 3 Occitanie, Pierre Bataille was close to Jean Castex and called for a white vote during the second round.

Catherine Daufes Roux stated that she will vote blank during an interview with "Midi Libre Ales". "Personally, I vote blank. She explains that the voters can do whatever they want afterward. She sends back the two present candidates in the second round. Nupes is deemed "extreme" because she comes from the New Anti-Capitalist Party, (NPA), before being at La France insoumise.

Mathilde Tastavy posted Monday noon on Facebook that she was going blank. "I indicate that my vote will be blank because I don't understand the Republican field and neither of the candidates in the second round are part of the Republican field that I understand." She clarified that she does not give voting instructions and that everyone will vote according to their conscience and soul.

Olivier Damaisin, in an interview with "La Depeche", stated that he will vote blank. It doesn't make any difference. He adds that if it were someone from the Socialist Party ranks, there would not be any problem. I would have called him to vote for him.

Jean-Michel Blanquer was eliminated. He came in 189 votes behind Nupes. He did not announce that he was making an appeal on the election and dismissed the representative from the far right as well as the communist candidate back-to-back: "I state it solemnly, but the danger posed by the far left is just as great as that of today.

Laurence Vanceunebrock, the incumbent, was defeated and lamented her low score. She said, "Disappointment to the constituency, since voters have to choose between plague or cholera because we end up having two extremes that are dangerous for democracy," according to France Bleu Pays d'Auvergne.

"For the second round of voting, the votes should not go to extremes," Severine Gijnes stated to "l'Hebdo de l'Ardeche". She does not indicate whether she intends to vote absentee or that she will vote without any other information.

France 3, questioning Daniele Herin, the majority candidate, stated that she couldn't "take a decision in [s]on corner alone". She added: "I belong both to a movement and to a party. We didn't expect this outcome.

Alexandra Louis, BFM Marseille, stated that it was up to voters to decide for whom they will vote in round 2. She concludes, "It has been a long while since voting guidelines or alliances were unattractive for voters."

Veronique Bourcet–Giner claimed that she was "the only candidate capable to beat the extremes", but was eliminated in the first round. She didn't want her to have to choose between Nupes or RN. "I urge all of you to vote Sunday in your conscience and soul," she stated in a video that was posted the night before the first round.

Thierry Boissin redoubled the imagination to call for a vote in favor of the RN, but he didn't say so. "I expect from Mr. Dharreville a true position vis-a-vis Martegaux [residents at Martigues]," he tweeted. In a tweet, he said that he would not vote for RN. The second message continued: "Sunday, you can vote as free men or women and as educated citizens. Ambiguity at its best.

Nadia Essayan, the outgoing deputy, posted on Facebook that she would not vote for RN without providing voting instructions. It's France I love, not France.

The mayor of Mirmande Benoit Maclin arrived third. He also refused to give specific voting instructions. "Personally, it is impossible for me to vote in the National Rally. He replied to a French journalist from France 3 Rhone-Alpes, "I will not put in an RN bulletin into the envelope next Sunday." This is a vote instruction? "The voters will hear it however they like.

The mayor of Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, Philippe Ribot, will not call to vote for one candidate or another: "People don't care about instructions and I don't pretend to give any" , reports "Midi Libre".

Sherazade Zaiter, France 3 Limousin's Deputy President, reacted bitterly to her expulsion due to LREM Jean-Luc Bonnet, her dissident candidate: "We end with an extreme vote. Extreme left, extreme right. Because a gentleman with a large ego absolutely wanted the opportunity to show himself as he supports the presidential majority. She also clarified that she doesn't give voting instructions during the second round, and does not call for the blocking of the RN.

Jean-Francois Audrin, the Majority Candidat, published a press release Monday evening in which he criticized Nupes' "well-crafted communications" and lamented the "de-demonization campaign of the RN" and the xenophobia that rumbles within the party. He did not specify whether he was referring to voting.

France 3 Grand Est asked Richard Lioger if he "doesn't call to vote for anybody". Before stating: "Now, taking into consideration the republican values as well as what I know about the candidate for the Nupes, who is in the 3rd District of Moselle, personally, I will vote to support her."

Brahim Hammouche, the outgoing deputy, stated his position via Facebook: "In the second round, every voter will have a choice in conscience or in responsibility so that his values do not contradict his own and his own value.

Frederic Cauderlier, when asked by "la Voix de Nord", said that he would not give voting instructions due to the second round. He explained that "extremes are extremes" to him.

In a video interview, Claude Nicolet expressed regret at a "duel" between the far right & far left in a video interview with "l'Indicateur des Flandres". He does not give instructions if he encourages voters to vote in the second round.

Emmanuel Cherrier, a far-right leader, did not support the Nupes candidate. He wrote that he called on his voters to vote in the first round according to their rights.

Pascal Bois, the outgoing deputy believes that in the "Oise Hebdo", the second round will be "a choice between two extremes". Bitter, he said to the "Courrier Picard", that he hadn't yet given a vote instruction. "Five years back, I didn’t see anyone doing this, so I have got to think about it."

Patrick Debruyne, who was nearly 15 points behind Nupes' candidate, did not urge voters to vote against him. He told "La Voix du Nord" that it was important to analyze the situation at each department level and take time to reflect. To add: "The fundamental question: Is everyone ready to defeat the RN?"

Alexandra Monet, a Twitter user, wrote that she would not give voting instructions because it was not her political philosophy. Before I continue: "On one hand, I want you to know that I will never vote for someone from the far right."

Joachim Le Floch Imad, a social network user, announced that he doesn't give voting instructions. "That doesn’t fit my vision of politics. He wrote that voters are autonomous citizens who can decide for themselves. He stated that "personally, absolutely nothing opposes me, Elise Leboucher candidate of Nupes".

Jean Delalandre evokes this second round in a Facebook post: "Our constituency faces a sad choice between 2 brutal options, between 2 radical and extreme options between Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Muriel Roques Etienne also posted on Facebook. She explained why she won't give voting instructions. "I consider everyone votes in their own soul and conscience, and that I don't have to tell everyone how they should vote. I won't give any voting instructions, as I oppose the extremes, populism, and fracture promoted by the Nupes or the RN.

Reported by "l'Est Republicain", Baptiste Petitjean criticized the finalist: "It is a great disappointment." I feel especially sorry for the Territory of Belfort, which is not worthy of this duel between Nupes. The RN offers nothing but the fracturing society and an exit from nuclear power.

Zivka Park, the majority candidate for Zivka Park posted on Monday evening that she wished the best for her territory. However, it was not hard to feel sad to see it reduced to two extremes that only divide our country. They will not be my friends.

Mireille Robert wrote on Facebook, "Thank you to our warm encounters, thank-you for your confidence that carried us, thank you our exchanges." That's it.

Karine Nouette Gaulain thanked her voters in a tweet that was accompanied by a collage of photos from the campaign.

Jean-Francois Eliaou, the majority candidate, thanked his supporters on social media for their defeat and expressed his "honor" to having served France for five consecutive years. He didn't mention any voting instructions.

Philippe Huppe, the outgoing MP, stated that he was happy to have served France for five more years in a brief tweet.

Christophe Euzet, the outgoing deputy thanked his supporters on Twitter. He concluded, "It was an immense honor to represent him at the National Assembly for 5 years."

Laure Miller, with 249 votes was elected in the second round to replace the far-right candidate. She disputed the result, citing an "administrative mistake". Together's Candidate! In a press release, the candidate stated that he would make an appeal to "all the voters [...] who are currently hostage to a second-round between the extremes".

Elisabeth Roblot posted on Facebook her disappointment with the "abstention and the confirmed push by the RN", which prevented her being in the second round. She concludes, "But, life goes on."

Lisa Broutte thanked her Twitter voters before discussing the second round. "Next week, we hope that the maximum amount of candidates Together win: The prospect of a National Assembly with an absolute majority paralyzing public actions and delivering the country into five years of permanent, parliamentary guerrilla war seems to me fatal.

Fatna Mekidiche, a Facebook user, "warmly" thanked her supporters. But please don't give any instructions.

Rodrigue Kokouendo was eliminated by 94 votes. He also published a thank you post on Facebook, but without providing instructions.

A Facebook press release by the majority candidate Souad zitouni stated that she had reacted to her defeat as well as her commitment as an MP and wished "the very best for our territory", but did not specify a voting instruction.

Isabelle Seguin, the Majority Candidat, did not respond to her defeat.

Paul Audan, the Majority Candidate, did not speak out about his loss.

Karine Legrand, Majority Candidat, did not speak out about her loss.

Sira Sylla (outgoing MP) was not able to comment on her loss as a majority candidate.

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