'We did it!!!': Britney and Sam post wedding photos

She did it - again.

'We did it!!!': Britney and Sam post wedding photos

She did it - again. Britney Spears says 'yes' for the third time. "It was the most spectacular day," writes the singer and provides evidence on Instagram.

The bridal couple saying yes, kissing on a balcony and dancing guests: One day after her wedding, singer Britney Spears posted photos of the "dream" ceremony. "We did it!!!" the pop star wrote on Instagram on Friday. The singer and her partner Sam Asghari tied the knot in front of dozens of celebrity guests at Spears' property in Thousand Oaks, California the night before.

"It was the most spectacular day," wrote the 40-year-old in a long text decorated with many emojis: "The ceremony was a dream and the party was even better." Spears listed actress Drew Barrymore, singers Selena Gomez and Madonna, model Paris Hilton and fashion designer Donatella Versace among the "many great guests". "I felt so beautiful," Spears wrote, thanking Versace for the wedding dress she designed.

Photos show the bride in the elegant white dress with a high leg slit and a meter-long veil. In other pictures: the kissing couple on a balcony decorated with pink flowers, a white wedding carriage and party scenes with the celebrity guests.

It was Spears' third wedding - after a quick marriage that was quickly annulled in 2004 to her childhood friend Jason Alexander and shortly thereafter to dancer Kevin Federline, with whom Spears has two teenage sons. She met the model and fitness trainer Asghari in 2016 on the set of her music video "Slumber Party", last September he asked for her hand.

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