"We need guys like that": Harald Schmidt admires Elon Musk

As an entrepreneur, Elon Musk has achieved a lot.

"We need guys like that": Harald Schmidt admires Elon Musk

As an entrepreneur, Elon Musk has achieved a lot. Nevertheless, opinions differ on his person. Harald Schmidt makes no secret of the fact that he is one of the admirers of the Tesla boss. Meanwhile, Musk's possible plans for Twitter leave the entertainer cold.

Harald Schmidt spoke with a touch of awe about tech billionaire Elon Musk. "We need guys like that in Germany too," says the 64-year-old in an interview with the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and "Stuttgarter Nachrichten".

"Such cracks come in no way from the humanities. They studied math or physics, not a sham subject, that wasn't so clear to me before Cambridge," says Schmidt. He had previously reported in the interview that he had recently been a guest at the German Students' Club at the British University of Cambridge.

"The students are in a great mood, all cracks! You meet the 19-year-old who has been studying math for two years and is now saddled with philosophy and medicine because he doesn't know what he wants to do in the end," explains Schmidt.

Musk, who studied physics and economics, is not only the head of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, but also founded the aerospace company SpaceX and was a co-founder of the PayPal payment service. His latest project: He wants to buy Twitter. He recently said the decision to ban former US President Donald Trump from the short messaging platform was "morally wrong and just plain stupid".

However, Musk's takeover of Twitter is not yet certain. The 50-year-old has been using the service for himself for a long time - and is notorious for his sometimes confusing tweets.

The fact that Musk may want Trump to tweet again leaves Harald Schmidt cold: "I don't care who writes something on Twitter now. Because I have nothing to say, I'm not in any network. I get my information from the newspaper, the TV news and - great - from the radio, that keeps me busy," explains the cabaret artist and entertainer.


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