Wendy Williams, 'Erratic’ After Her Ex-Husband reunites with Mistress

Kevin Hunter, her ex-husband, has been separated since 2019.Wendy WilliamsMuch has been written about Hunter's personal life. One tabloid claims that Hunter's mistress is now the talk-show diva.Gossip CopInvestigates the story.

Wendy Williams, 'Erratic’ After Her Ex-Husband reunites with Mistress

Photos of Her Ex-Wife Left Her A Sobbing Mess

The National Enquirer took photos of Hunter and his ex-mistress Sharina Hudson, their daughter. A source close to Williams spoke out about the fallout. Wendy was pushed to the edge when these new photos of Kevin and his child emerged. They reveal that she has been a crying wreck ever since.

According to the publication, Williams might be tempted back to her drug-addicted and alcoholic ways after the incident. Her friends worry that Williams might have relapsed due to her erratic behavior. According to a source, she is calling her friends at all hours of the night and speaking nonstop but without understanding the situation." The magazine also mentions how Mike Esterman, a radio host, broke up with her despite being afraid she would be left alone. The source concludes, "She blames Kevin!"

Is Wendy Williams OK?

First, Wendy Williams is doing fine. You can see that Wendy Williams is fine on her Instagram page. She has lots of photos with her family and friends. The amount of food and drink porn she posts on her Instagram page suggests that she is eating and drinking regularly. None of these seem to be alcohol-based. She was fine when she went to brunch recently with her friend Ray J.

Sources that are not named are totally unreliable. It is not known if Williams saw the photos. The outlet also made it sound like Hudson and Hunter only recently reunited, when in fact they have been together since Williams' split. Why would she care about a few photos now?

Wendy Williams' Cruel Past

This is not the first instance of this.National EnquirerWilliams has been made to appear unstable. It claimed that Williams needed psychological treatment after it published a video of Williams confused walking around NYC in February.Looking for dry cleaners?.Gossip CopCould not locate such a video. Two months later, the magazine statedFriends of the talk-show diva are wantedAfter passing gas on air, she had to change into a diaper.

A second story, from a few days ago, said that Williams wasLooking for a man?They were "scaring" them away.Gossip CopWilliams doesn't need to be told that she needs no help in the "men” department. You can get a glimpse into Williams's life by tuning into her show or Instagram, and not the tabloids.

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