What is CBD and why is it becoming popular?

What is CBD and why is it becoming popular?

CBD is a product that is increasingly popular on the Internet. Lots of people are discussing the effects and the benefits the substance provides to them. This makes sense, as it is a healthy product that can help in many cases. Although helpful, some people still consider it as a product under scrutiny. Who can blame them? CBD is being extracted from the cannabis plant, which does not enjoy a very good reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand what is CBD and how does it differ from cannabis. This is exactly what we will dive into in this article.

What is CBD compared to cannabis?

Although derived from the same plant, there are many differences when looking at CBD and cannabis. Let’s first look at the production process. Cannabis is harvested from the plant, then it is being dried before it can be consumed. Consumption of cannabis is related to smoking or vaping, which is already unhealthy to start with. The production of CBD is quite different.

Extraction of oil through CO2

CO2 can be used to extract the oil from the plant. This is the most sophisticated process, resulting in 100% clean oil. When researching on the Internet, you will find that this process provides the highest quality available. Of course, this also brings a certain price to it. Nevertheless, you will know that you can enjoy a clean product.

Chemical extraction

Another method of creating the oil is by the use of chemicals. The CBD can be extracted through adding chemical components. After the oil is extracted, you can remove the chemicals from the substance. However, there will always be very small percentages of chemicals present, lowering the quality of the product.

Psychoactive components are not present in CBD

Cannabis does not enjoy a good reputation thanks to the working substance of THC. This psychoactive component influences people’s behaviour and can have a negative effect on them both short-term and long-term. Additionally, when your body gets used to a supply of THC, it continuous to crave for more. The result can be restlessness and a lack of sleep which can only be solved by consuming more cannabis. This is why we could argue that is an addictive drug, very different from CBD.

Hemp oil as an alternative

Next to CBD, there is another an alternative: hemp oil. What you need to know about hemp oil? Now that we know what CBD is, we can make a distinction from hemp. Yes, they are both made from the same plant. While hemp is in this case made from the seeds. Similar to olive oil, the seeds are pressed resulting in an oily substance. This makes it a safe and natural product that can be consumed. As the production process is clear and straightforward, quality differences are less apparent than in the case with CBD.

Updated Date: 18 January 2021, 14:36

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