Where's Yonaguni and What Makes Bad Bunny's Lyrics Mean in English?

Less than a month later making his debut on Saturday Night Live,'' Bad Bunny published a brand new path on Thursday.

Where's Yonaguni and What Makes Bad Bunny's Lyrics Mean in English?

Yonaguni is the Puerto Rican star's first official single because La Noche de Anoche premiered in February. The latter course was among the four sisters pulled by Bad Bunny's latest record, El Ultimo Tour del Mundo, that premiered in November This past Year and became the initial all-Spanish record to reach number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and included four sisters,

The tune's release came accompanied with the video clip, where the singer tries to overlook his love attention. From the clip, Bad Bunny eats alone in a sushi shop, receives a tattoo, attends a celebration, practices martial arts and yoga to apparently no avail.

Where's Yonaguni?

The westernmost populated island of Japan, Yonaguni is a part of Yaeyama Islands and is located 67 miles away from the east coast of Taiwan, involving the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The island was inhabited by the U.S. between 1945 and 1972, prior to being returned to Japan to form part of the Okinawa Prefecture.

The island gained global notoriety in 1986, when neighborhood divers found an underwater rock formation comprising staircase-like terraces. Even though the so-called Yonaguni Monument attracted lots of attention, asserts that the formations were man-made monoliths were disregarded by Japanese governments and many geologists consider the formation is rather of pure source.

What exactly do Poor Bunny's lyrics mean in English?
As usual, the Puerto Rican singer sings in his native Spanish Yonaguni, but a part of this tune also features him singing .

As stated previously, in the tune Bad Bunny tries to overlook a love interest, that seems to be residing on Yonaguni. The singer tells the girl he'd be ready to fly to Japan to be reunited with her.

"Your name springs to mindyour head, your laugh, and your own hair [...] Tell me where you're, for you I will get on a trip. And also to Yonaguni I will make it"

Back in April, the singer announced plans to get a 2022 tour in service of El Ultimo Tour del Mundo.

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