Why the Nupes motion for no confidence is doomed

This is Elisabeth Borne's first trial by fire.

Why the Nupes motion for no confidence is doomed

This is Elisabeth Borne's first trial by fire. After her general policy statement on Wednesday, July 6, in front of the newly elected deputies, the Prime Minister will not seek a confidence vote in the National Assembly. It would be risky to engage its responsibility, given the 250 seats and the majority of Renaissance deputies. Pierre Beregovoy (1992-1993), refusing to follow tradition, was the first in thirty years.

Don't worry: The left alliance Nupes will, at the initiative of France subordinate, file a motion for censure. "Ms. Borne, we don't abuse democracy with impunity. Mathilde Panot, Val-de-Marne MP, stated on Twitter Monday that we will force you to go to Parliament. This motion has very little chance of success.

The motion of censure, as provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 49 of the Constitution allows the National Assembly "question the government's responsibility". A vote in the hemicycle is then organized two days after it has been submitted by at least 58 deputies. If the motion to censure is passed by the Assembly with an absolute majority, that is. 289 deputies.

Between 1958 and 2018, 58 "spontaneous no-confidence motions" were filed. One was rejected, and it was in 1962 that Prime Minister Michel Debre resigned. This led to Georges Pompidou being appointed in his place.

This would be a token motion. "In the Assembly everything is symbolic", says "the Obs", the deputy of Seine Saint-Denis Alexis Corbiere. "We do our job by being an opponent and making proposals against a government that is dependent on nothing.

This is to demonstrate that the MP does not agree with the government's methods, which consist of saying: "Once the president has been elected, even on a rejection vote and not of membership votes, the Assembly doesn't care a lot. Alexis Corbiere insists that the motion of censure can be used to "reparliamentarize" political life and is not a game of tactic.

Olivier Veran, the new government spokesperson, said Monday that "it's a funny way to do things." "It's not my intention to censor anyone who hasn't yet started speaking. You have a party that believes it should be stopped from moving forward even before the Prime Minister speaks in the hemicycle. He blasted in front of the media at the conclusion of a first council ministers, "Nobody has an interest in blocking". Olivier Veran stated that he was convinced there would not be a majority to support the motion of censure. He concluded, "Again, everyone is free in his own way."

The "rebellious" are far from winning. Even if Alexis Corbiere confirms that "the motion to censure will not be presented by all components of the Nupes", with support from all deputies of left alliance, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union cannot count on just 147 votes.

The support of all left-wing partners had not been assured up to Tuesday. On June 20, Olivier Faure, the first secretary of Socialist Party, explained to Franceinfo how the motion for censure against government was "not a common point of Nupes at the stage", and that the subject should be the result of a "discussion between us, ecologists, communists or rebels".

How can we make some progress with the rebellious France? Alexis Corbiere tempers, "Olivier Faure" had already said it (a few days later at the microphone of BFMTV) that if the majority doesn't want to submit to a confidence vote, a motion for censure would have to be filed."

The doors to the oppositions have been closed permanently. Annie Genevard, interim president of LR announced that "We won't join our voices with those of LFI" on Tuesday at BFMTV. She admits she is aware that "trust in government" is being undermined, but she insists that the Republicans' goal of "not the political stunt" Let's conclude:

We will not vote for the motion to censure rebellious France on the side of National Rally, who prides itself as being the first opposition in the National Assembly. Sebastien Chenu (vice-president of Bourbon Palace and spokesperson for RN), was a guest of RTL on Monday. He estimated that far left deputies wanted to "block everything, break everything".

He can be very critical of the new Borne government without any "logic" or guidelines. However, he assures them that the RN deputies are not there to "block everything, break every", unlike their number one enemy. He had previously stated on BFMTV that voting for the motion to censure was "ineffective". "Rebellious France wants the National Assembly to be a ZAD [Zone To Protect]", Julien Odoul (RN deputy in Yonne) also criticised Monday evening on the same channel. The left has unified: it is necessary to return to the beginning for the union to occur of the oppositions.

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