Widespread summer-like sizzle blankets the Prairies, heat warnings in effect

June 1 marks the beginning of meteorological summertime, and it is going to certainly be feeling like the heart of the year as temperatures soar across the Prairies weekly.

Widespread summer-like sizzle blankets the Prairies, heat warnings in effect

With daytime highs hovering around the 30-degree markers and humidex worth pushing 40 at the end of the week, heat warnings and special weather statements length the area warning residents to take this burst of summer heating severely. There will not be much rain as requirements heat up, something that is sorely needed to fight the ever-growing drought. That's as a powerful upper ridge will prevent any substantial systems from swinging through. More on exactly how hot things will get, and when the region may see some rain , below.

A southerly flow across Western Canada is taking centre stage nowadays, thanks to a strong upper ridge of high pressure.

Temperatures will soar the top 20s for a lot of the southern Prairies Tuesday, possibly reaching or exceeding 30°C in southwestern Alberta.

As well, a surface low falling east across Manitoba could ignite off thunderstorms in the southern areas Tuesday afternoon.

Any that do fire are predicted to stay non-severe in nature, but might nevertheless bring little hail and heavy rain.

The heat will keep on spreading farther east into more southern regions of Saskatchewan and to Manitoba by late week.

From Friday, portions of southern Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg, could see humidex values inch closer to 40. Widespread temperatures to the mid-30s are anticipated, and a couple of spots could even reach the upper 30s.

With this elongated stretch of extreme heat, heat warnings length portions of the central and northern Prairies, together with widespread special weather statements in place for the rest of the area as well.

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