"Will they be buried alive": Jungle stars almost go to each other's throats

"I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" is over.

"Will they be buried alive": Jungle stars almost go to each other's throats

"I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" is over. But if you believe Gigi Birofio, scenes resembling a "second jungle camp" take place on the way back to Germany. It is said to have almost become violent. At the center of the argument again: Cosimo Citiolo.

The participants of "I'm a star - get me out of here!" are back in Germany and can now go their own way again. And that's probably a good thing. After all, dramatic scenes are said to have taken place at the airport in Singapore, where the stars had to change planes.

"It was blatant in the jungle itself? What's happening outside here is blatant," said Cecilia Asoro in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper. Again she complained about Cosimo Citiolo, whom she had already attacked on the stars' reunion show after leaving the camp.

Among other things, the 41-year-old called a rapper while he was sitting at the airport with his former fellow campers. During the phone call, Citiolo dropped phrases like "We'll finish them, brother" or "I'll bury them alive".

The "Checker vom Neckar" is also said to have clashed with Yvonne Woelke, the companion of jungle queen Djamila Rowe. The reason: Woelke defended her friend after Citiolo complained about Rowe's appearance, according to Asoro.

Citiolo, in turn, attacked his ex-jungle camp colleagues in Instagram stories that were later deleted and stylized himself as a victim: "Sometimes you just don't have to put up with everything." He also let it be known that he feels misrepresented: "The great thing is that you only ever show how to attack people," he complained. In the end, television can edit situations at will.

Not only Asoro, but also Gigi Birofio commented on the clashes at the airport, initially in an Instagram story that he had recorded on the plane. Cameras were really lacking in Singapore, he explained. There was a "different show" like a "second jungle camp". In his very own words, he summed up the fact that there was even almost physical violence: "There Beef, there Beef, there topic, there Beef, there Beef … Someone almost gets a black eye, they almost go for it."

Upon arrival in Frankfurt am Main, RTL addressed Asoro and Birofio again about the incidents. Citiolo also "behaved completely wrong" at the security check, Asoro blurted out. "And we had kids with us and everything. So it was just embarrassing." Meanwhile, Birofio, who was standing next to her, could hardly contain himself. "But that was just one topic out of many, folks. That was really funny," he said ironically.

Citiolo, on the other hand, didn't want to know anything about the clinch with the other celebrities. "I don't have beef with anyone," he said. In fact, at least his relationship with Papis Loveday seems to have improved again. The model from Senegal had described Citiolo as a "fat giant baby" in the reunion show. On the plane, the two talked about it.

"Cosimo misbehaved and now that's old news. But I don't have the right to insult him," Loveday admitted in an Instagram post. He also published a video showing him arm in arm with the man from Stuttgart and in which he explained: "Dear Cosimo, I called you fat, but that wasn't my intention. It was impossible for me. So I want to apologize ." As a thank you, Citiolo even gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Only Djamila Rowe apparently didn't notice anything about all the bickering and the reconciliation arias. Back in Germany, she told RTL she had a "quiet" flight, although she didn't sleep much. That must be royal composure.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, February 01, 2023.)