Xbox: New Starfield and Minecraft games unveiled

Microsoft announced more than 35 new Xbox experiences as a result of a busy period in console gaming news conferences.

Xbox: New Starfield and Minecraft games unveiled

Microsoft announced more than 35 new Xbox experiences as a result of a busy period in console gaming news conferences.

Finally, Starfield was shown as gameplay footage. This is a space exploration game by the creators Skyrim and Fallout.

It was first announced in 2018, but its release was delayed to 2023.

Its creators described it as "Nasa meets Indiana Jones".

The game will allow players to create their spaceships and explore more than 1,000 planets.

Microsoft also announced Minecraft Legends, a new action strategy game for children created by Mojang in Sweden.

Sunday's showcase showcase featured only titles that will be available in the next 12 month - Starfield and Minecraft Legends were not released at an exact date.

This invites gamers to "inspire and lead their allies in strategy battles to save The Overworld" after a Piglin invasion.

New strategic partnerships were also announced with developers Riot Games and Kojima Productions, creators of League of Legends.

This follows an earlier virtual conference by Sony and the Summer Games Fest, which saw many game developers announce their plans.

June is the month that big announcements are made in the gaming industry calendar.

This is because of their historical connection with E3's annual games event. Even though some companies have decided not to participate in E3 since recent years, and despite this year's cancellation, companies still plan to use June as a time for their projects.

Sony showed footage from upcoming titles in a 30-minute video earlier this month. They also used footage from well-known franchises to encourage players to purchase consoles once the PlayStation 5 becomes available.

Street Fighter 6 will be available in 2023. The game's iconic characters Ryu, Chun-Li and others will take centre stage for the next installment of the fighting game series. It is not clear if a new mode that encourages exploration and character development will be just as popular as traditional button-bashing.

Resident Evil 4 was originally released in 2005. It is the latest installment of the horror franchise that has been remade for modern devices. Final Fantasy 16's trailer showed that Final Fantasy 16's gameplay was more focused on action sets than the roleplaying elements it is known for.

These titles will not be available until 2023. This is disappointing for some, as it has been suggested that the new PlayStation console lacks exclusive games.

Microsoft showcased footage from a range of experiences, including the driving simulator Forza Motorsport and the most recent in realistic car racing series.

Microsoft attempted to address the criticisms that have been made against its consoles by announcing multiple experiences in one evening.

There were also announcements of partnerships and a long list new games. Riot Games has partnered with Microsoft to bring League of Legends content to its subscription gaming service Gamepass. Both companies hope that the deal will bring new gamers to their products.

Although there was no information about the legendary games designer Hideo Kojima's current project with Microsoft, it is an honor for Xbox to have made a deal with someone who is so closely connected with Sony in the past.

There are always people disappointed at the things left out of big gaming conferences. Sony's State of Play did not include any information on the sequel to 2018's smash hit God of War. It will be released later this year.

During the Xbox showcase, the biggest problem was the inability to update the Fable series of role-playing adventures.

Microsoft purchased Bethesda games studio in 2020. This studio was behind Starfield, and is the creators of many of the most beloved games ever created.

The two companies were the first to share the same platform. Redfall, Bethesda’s survival shooting game co-operative, was the first title displayed. It kicked off the event in frantic, fast-paced action gameplay.

Harvey Smith, the studio director for Arkane Austin, said that being part of an event with many games on display is exciting, but it also comes with a lot pressure.

Redfall's multiplayer vampire killing is a metaphor for the inequalities of the world, he stated. "Only a small percentage of the people on the planet have all the power.

They need to be extremely poor to live as they do. They've taken the joy, life and resources of others to accumulate their wealth so they can live in the clouds.

"Vampires are always metaphors. It's something you choose to be." It's very selfish to live the way you want, but it is extremely compelling to me."

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