"Yeah against lights": Lights blunders when it comes to food issues

"I tend to burn the brothel," says Günther Jauch, screaming in pain.

"Yeah against lights": Lights blunders when it comes to food issues

"I tend to burn the brothel," says Günther Jauch, screaming in pain. Horst Lichter doesn't really care about food, but about falling into the latrine. "Venusfalle" Sonja Kirchberger and the Opel call girl ensure a heart-stopping finale.

The emotional roller coaster began a little outrageously. "I have something here that is a bit older," said moderator Oliver Pocher when visiting Horst Lichter's dressing room and presented Günther Jauch to him. "Does it still work?" The "Bares for Rares" host was skeptical. "I hope I don't break it." The chef was initially unable to support this declaration of war in the single player for "Jauch gegen Lichter". Even with questions about his learned profession, he failed again and again in the RTL quiz. "Eating is not your forte," said Pocher. In the final, however, lights unexpectedly ignited the turbo. In the end, Jauch even had his fingers crossed for the last question.

Lights was supposed to compete against the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" moderator on May 30th. He was then replaced at short notice by his ZDF colleague Oliver Welke from the "heute show". He had been ahead for a long time, but then lost the knowledge battle against Jauch on the very last question. This time, however, the RTL veteran took the lead early. He also managed to do that because in the Whit Monday edition, Lichter often ignored the valuable tips from his three celebrity helpers.

In contrast to Lichter, his first comrade-in-arms, "Bares für Rares" colleague Sven Deutschmanek, had guessed that an intimacy coordinator has nothing to do with customer data, but rather ensures that there are no attacks when shooting sex scenes. "You so rarely listen to me," complained Deutschmanek after the point wasted. Light's number two comrade-in-arms, actress Bettina Zimmermann, has worked with an intimacy coordinator before. "It's still relatively new, but you can be trained for it. The training doesn't take that long," she let the RTL viewers know.

Zimmermann's right instinct, that more than half of the waste in Germany is generated during construction and demolition work, also swept aside Licht and opted for private households without further discussion. "Horst isn't waiting at all," said Pocher. But Lichter learned from his mistakes. Fortunately, as soon as he asked the next question, he trusted Zimmermann's tendency for the Bundesrat and not the federal government to have 69 full members.

When it came to culinary topics, however, the trained chef consistently made mistakes. For example, he claimed that New York City doesn't have a single Michelin-starred restaurant. In fact, 65 restaurants are currently awarded at least one star, as Pocher had to explain to him. Neither did Lichter know that the meatball owes its name to the fact that it is round. The term derives from the French word "boule" (ball). Instead, the entertainer guessed that the name had something to do with "fry". Pocher then passed around plates with meatball nerve food. Jauch enjoyed it, but later complained that the snack had gotten stuck between his teeth. "Shall we put our teeth in the glass for a moment?" Pocher asked. But the problem was solved when the masseur arrived.

Aptly, with the help of his celebrity supporter Kai Wiesinger, Lichter had guessed that effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration are the five classic techniques in tooth cleaning. In fact, the terms come from massage. Jauch volunteered as a demonstration object on which a specialist in the studio was allowed to demonstrate the techniques - and regretted it bitterly. A grip by the masseur on the right ribs was enough to make Jauch scream at the top of his lungs. "Then I'll take the muscle - or whatever muscle is here," the expert continued, unperturbed, with the demonstration of the Petrissage. "It's not funny," said Jauch and was able to announce to the vibration gang: "The leftover meatballs fell out."

Although Lichter was able to score again with what he called "dangerous half-knowledge" and the Erfurt latrine fall Heinrich VI. assign. During the accident in 1184 the rotten floor of the cathedral provost broke away. Around 60 nobles fell two stories into the latrine and died. Nevertheless, the challenger fell behind more and more from round to round. Jauch led before the final with 24 to 13 points. Although he had no prominent helpers at his side, he was able to draw on the expertise of colleagues. So he knew that the Venus flytrap only catches small insects. "Sonja Kirchberger once said that to me," said Jauch.

The matter seemed to be over when the quiz show veteran won the first part of the final. "If you lose this lap, you've lost the show," warned Pocher Lichter. The last question decided in this semi-final about defeat or advancement. There was only one minute of airtime left, and it seemed that a wrong answer from Lichter was sealed. Instead, the taped show unexpectedly went into overtime. Because lights turned the show at the last moment.

In the third final round, Lichter put everything on one card. Jauch had typed that he answered five of the ten questions on the subject of "Auto

As a farewell, Pocher announced that the series “Jauch vs …” would be continued. Opponents and dates have not yet been determined.

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