Archipelago : deleted is stored forever

Inger-Maria Mahlkes Roman 34; Archipelago 34; tells of the Spanish fascism and colonialism on the basis of three families. He is rightly nominated for the German prize.

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    DieVergangenheit is infinite. It is powerful and diverse. The meistenMenschen are helplessly delivered to her. Why is that? The SchriftstellerinInger-Maria Nona has found a good picture for this: we believe, said Mahlkein a conversation, to have reached present on a narrow path. Dabeisei past is at least as wide a space as seemingly infinitely open future.

    That people are blind to this space, where y are wavering to find a firm stand, is not a new realization. The literature finds in this blindness and demRingen for sovereignty has always been a more reliable reason. And werjetzt wants to object, but nothing is so good today Ausgeleuchtetwie past, read Inger-Maria Mahlkes for German Book award nominated Roman archipelago.

    One of Szenendes entrées, which alone reading of this book to a happy Power, plays in a Asilo, an elderly home in La Laguna, former capital of DerKanarischen Islands in Tenerife. With a certain sense, Nona has placed a ihrerHauptfiguren at most dramaturgically plausible of all posts: at DerPforte. Julio Built – "El Portero" – is himself already 95 years old and has dieAufgabe to prevent demented inhabitants from smelling gases: "Two of ladies, Demetria with ir cane and Trini with parrot, lehnenbereits on patio window." Hola Chicas ' hears Julio built volunteers say, and how pretty y both look today. The ladies giggle, but Julio is aware sure y only have smaller slit of door in mind. "

    An ideal terrain for literature

    There are solcheeinfachen, but closely watched and reflected scenes that Inger-Maria Mahlkes can show ir understanding of a language of gestures and for dievielsagenden shades of Silence, abundance from which y schöpfenkann. But that's not reason why this scene has to be mentioned here. It has anor meaning in this complex constructed novel: it allows time experience.

    Some derNebenfiguren, which shake at Julio built Gate, will appear in course of DerHandlung in only observant readers perceptible incidental Bemerkungenaufblitzen and so out of anonymity, from time. The moment of fright, in which you as a reader n realized to be caught in Seinereigenen blindness for time coagulated in life stories of most immediate, everyday environment, has potential to change completely unspektakulärLeben.

    Inger-Maria Mahlkespielt This me of blind existence of its context again and again invariations. This happens inconspicuously because re is a lot to be done on level of action of political and family history. The basic form of this is quite striking: that of a umgekehrtenStammbaums. Archipelago tells of three families that stand for three social classes. The aristocratic, bourgeois Bernadottes mixed imcolonialism and belonged to founders of Falange, right-wing party, which was later dispowered by Franco. The building represents DenMittelstand, who supported Socialists. And women of FamilieMorales live at foot of social pyramid: expelled, used, and completely set up. It is important that tragic, sometimes traumatic stories of DieserFamilien are played on an island. From an island, Nona said in an interview, one does not see world and dochspielt entire world scene en miniature here. Ideal terrain FürLiteratur.

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