Battlefield V : The princess now shoots sharply

In the first-person shooter game 34; Battlefield V 34; Over the Second World War, soldiers also appear. Male players outraged.

  Battlefield V  : The princess now shoots sharply

In an ivy-fortified country house Wehrmacht soldiers have been entrenched, elite squad of U. S. army enters door. Shots are popping, grenades explode, a Landser flies headlong through air, and his corpse barely touches ground, Americans are already on first floor. Cut his comrade's throat and pike out of window – shortly before moving Nazi tanks in this decision-making battle of Second World War hit garden fence over rolls and V1 rockets of Luftwaffe.

At end of May, video game maker Dice released this preview video for his forthcoming shooter Battlefield V, and since n computer game developer has been massively criticized. Not because of machine gun volleys, heads get burst. Or World War, whose scenes are marketed in battlefield as a virtual adventure playground – explicit portrayal of violence and war scenery are part of product promise of acclaimed series of games, first part of which appeared more than 16 years ago. The reason for excitement is rar a novelty that video presents for first time to public: in Battlefield V, unlike predecessors, player can control not only hypervirile fighters over battlefield, such as those from war movies with Steve McQu Een knows. But unheard of: women too.

No hour after video was released, hashtag was already circulating on Internet notmybattlefield and a petition calling for: Remove soldiers from game! Users of Internet forum Reddit called for a negative evaluation of video on YouTube, which happened over 300,000 times in first days alone. In hundreds of thousands of comments under video, users are debating innovation. The tenor of critique: Historical accuracy is sacrificed in game of political Correctness. A user with Trump's profile picture writes: "You spit on tombs of our forefars who have fallen in war when ir historical facts distorted with your diversity ideas." Anor user receives thousands of likes for a comment, in which he explains why "women" would not have lost anything in computer games or before on keyboard.

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It is not new that cultural struggles break out of computer games. When 2016 was played for first time in legendary FIFA series, women's football was called on internet for a boycott. A year before, a Shitstorm against developers of survival-games rust, in which on a lonely island The civilization has to be rebuilt, after y had provided with an update that henceforth a random generator and no longer player Could decide for himself wher he hunts deer as a man or woman and makes campfires. The most notorious, however, is still campaign, which was led 2014 with hashtag gamergate against women in video game industry like journalist Anita Sarkeesian. After criticizing in video games in her blog tropes vs. women that women in computer games are often only decoration and would have to be rescued by male heroes, unknown released game beat up Anita, in which player Sarkeesian-Portraits The lip bloody and cheek bones could break. After Sarkeesian had received untold murder and rape threats and her home address was published on Internet, she had to be immersed for a long time.

The current excitement around Battlefield V shows that women's hostility is still virulent among computer players. And yet it could be excitement about female characters, who, unlike in past, no longer have to be liberated as a lonely princess, but who attack weapon mselves, are also last battle of a hard core that is getting smaller: according to Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software, gaming community in Germany already has 47 percent of women and in USA at least 41 percent. In view of se figures, it is not surprising that a few days ago a counter-movement followed Shitstorm against battlefield makers. Gamers arranged mselves in forums to evaluate video in a concerted action positively, and called to game at Amazon Book Maldives. In social networks, users contributed examples of women who fought sniper rifle in Red Army during World War II, as spies for British, or in French catacombs at resistance. And while a few years ago, big companies like Intel promised to push Gamergate campaign to stop advertising on pages criticizing misogyny among computer players, design director of DICE, Alan Kertz, announced a few days ago Confident that female characters will remain in Battlefield V: "I want to ask my daughter why she can't play a character that looks like she doesn't have to answer: ' cause you're just a girl. '"

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