crazy Rich : The most important movie you've never heard of before

34; crazy Rich 34; is the first Hollywood movie to do without whites for a long time. In the USA it is a huge success, but hardly seen in Germany.

  crazy Rich  : The most important movie you've never heard of before
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    Since Thursday, a film based on an international bestseller has been running in German cinemas, a new debate on diversity Inhollywood has triggered and surprisingly landed in US at number one derFilmcharts. You probably didn't hear about crazy Rich Asians but Nochgar.

    In Germany, romantic comedy, which is occupied Ausschließlichmit Asian-born actresses and actors, is treated as an insider's tip. The author of se lines saw him toger with hardly more than 30 WeiterenZuschauern in tiny hall 12 of CinemaXx at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. It that what you might call an intimate idea. German, Asians UndDeutsch-Asians sat in ranks.

    The film is about New York economics professor Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), who accompanies her friend Nick Young (Henry Golding) to his HeimatSingapur and gets to know his family re. That's so rich that your can hide 200 million-dollar estate on Google Maps. Like Sichherausstellt, Nick is a kind of Asian Prince Harry. In eyes of this family, Rachel is nothing more than a upstart American who has a Chinese mor, but does not understand anything from tradition or class. So far, so Cinderella.

    But re's something else. A culture shock that redefines BegriffKulturschock.

    In Singapore, Rachel notes to her surprise, romping around Asian super-rich. People who, by way, buy earrings for 1, 2Millionen dollars and arrange weddings for 40 million dollars, things like that. One midday she visits Versailles-like Villa EinerStudienfreundin and sits with her large family to table. "Eat DeineChicken nuggets", far orders his two twin daughters. "There are many children in America who are hungry and thankful for chicken nuggets." A funny scene that is so overturned that manfast might forget that it also contains truth.

    The conflict potential of "banana"

    Meanwhile, Singapore-based Financial Times correspondent James Crabtree writes that re are more wealth millionaires in Asia-Pacific region than in North America or Europe. The author of novel CrazyRich Asians, Kevin Kwan, comes from one of se wealthy Singaporeans. His trilogy with descriptions from this milieu has found more than million readers worldwide. The author lives in USA and is WasAsiaten "a banana" call. A term that also appears prominently in film and whose significance – and cultural conflict potential – you can probably imagine easily: bananas are yellow and white inside, just as Asians who grew up in West Undzwischen individualism and Family sense are torn apart. Just like Rachel UndNick, who have to decide between duties to family and ihrempersönlichen happiness.

    So, even though banana is a cultural metaphor about allemschwebt, crazy Rich Asians is not a problem film, which was about agonizing Identitätssucheeiner oppressed minority. It is a good-humoured, self-ironic romantischeKomödie; Shameless in ir kitsch and display of wealth (by way, a very Chinese thing). You can spend very good two hours in a small cinema, laugh, squeeze a few tears and danachbeschwingt out in evening. Crazy Rich Asians IstUnterhaltung for masses. And that's why it's so important.

    Date Of Update: 28 August 2018, 12:00

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