D as Parfum : No heart note

Oliver Berben has adapted Patrick Süskinds Roman 34;D as Parfum 34; as a TV series. The obsessive and sensual template is reduced to violence and contempt for women.

 D as Parfum  : No heart note
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  • Page 2 — not a sense frenzy, but a homicide investigation
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    "This woman's picture Istzum puke," says a lady in premier audience, while credits ZurSerie perfume rolls. Twelve years after pictorial filming of for Patrick Süskinds novels The perfume by Tom Tykwer, DerProduzent Oliver Berben made a six-part miniseries from fabric, this noticeably nervously presented at Munich Film Festival.

    As an author, Berbendie has still hired relatively unknown HFF graduate Eva Kranenburg, whom he has exclusively tied to his production company Constantin for three years. Directed by Philipp Kadelbach, several awards for ZDF three-parter our mors, our fars. From autumn onwards, perfume will be on watch at ZDFneo and at same time as co-producer Netflix – but initially only outside deutschsprachigenMarktes. Berben has obviously negotiated better than ARD with Babylon Berlin.

    So what does it look like, perfume in year 2018? It is not a literary film. This would probably have been a second time doomed, because auchTykwers 50 million expensive sensory intoxication did not approach poetry of novel at that time.

    Süskinds Antihero, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, is defying life cost of his mor. As an orphan, he is served by Amme to Amme in 18th century. The world does not want Grenouille, but he, DieserMenschenfeind, this prodigy, this "Zeck" (Süskind), who has no own odor, is not yet ready with world. Blessed with an extraordinary sense of smell, he becomes zumhochtalentierten perfumer and n a mass murderer, because he, who no one can smell, wants to create best perfume that world has ever experienced with exhalations of mature virgins. EinLiebeselixier that makes people unwilling.

    The series adaptation Versuchtgar not first, this story relating, but is devoted to question of how to manipulate using odor. A very seductive thought. But DieHoffnungen on a modern adaptation will soon be disappointed.

    The series perfume begins with a nackteFrau in a pool. A male voice tells us about Ambra, a sehrkostbaren substance found in digestive tract of sperm whales and for Parfumherstellungverwendet – most expensive shit in world. The next morning same woman is mutilated next to basin. Her hair was shaved off, her pubic area and her armpits removed. The investigator Nadja Simon (Friederike Becht) kneels on ground next to corpse. There are four men behind her and y look perplexed. "Hierwar a master at work!", pathologist later emphasizes.

    Toger with her colleague (Juergen Maurer) and prosecutor (Wotan Wilke carroting), DieKommissarin is looking for perpetrator; Their track leads to a clique of four men (August Diehl, Christian Friedel, Ken Duken and Trystan Pütter), who were Gemeinsamim boys boarding school, and a woman (Natalia Belitski) who knew murdered "K" from ir common time twenty years ago.

    As teenagers, y had founded a club in which it was about smelling. The time was expelled by use of a bra to identify which girl was a member. or by getting a girl from village in a Burgruinevergewaltigte. "We only did this because we like you," sagteiner three perpetrators to his victim. The young woman will later marry one of m – whatever reason. He will deceive m, continue to mistreat m and brutally rape m.

    Again and again, this between two time levels jumps back and forth – from murders DerGegenwart to schooling of main suspects. Was it harmless wirkendeAußenseiter (Christian Friedel) who likes to sniff stockings? The gifted perfumer (August Diehl)? The Pimp with Tantra (Trystan Pütter)? The Prügelnde husband (Ken Duken)? Or perhaps his battered wife (Natalia Belitski)?

    Date Of Update: 03 July 2018, 12:02

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