D au : Freedom behind the wall

An art project about a wall building in Berlin is currently arousing the mood. It is 34;D au 34; rather an almost size Wahnsinniges film project.

 D au  : Freedom behind the wall
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    Those who knew end of Nullerjahre people who had something to do with film and had a Russian reference, could hear rumors: re is such a project in Ukraine, some young Russian director is organising a gigantic historical reconstruction; All this also has to do with Lew Landau, a brilliant Soviet quantum physicist who was born in 1908 in Baku and died in 1968 in Moscow; It was about size wahnsinnigste, unrealistic art project that could be imagined.

    At 2010, cameramen and costumers disappeared to Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine to work for a few weeks at shooting, and Kamendoch back only months later. The director Khrzhanovsky had built a whole district re to film hundreds of actors and extras as he returned m to Soviet era: his film project Dau (short for: Landau) shows second half of life of Lew Landau, years 1938 to 1968. Landau was disgraced under Stalin for a short time, but n, from 1937, he was transferred to head of Institute of Physical Problems in Moscow. According to legend, this institute has not only been experimented with oretical physics, but also with poetic forms of life.

    A myth before at all was turned

    From 2005 on, Khrzhanovsky, who was born in 1975 in Moscow, had rebuilt this institute for his film project to tell story of Landau. Everything that filmed on set touched or used, right up to soap with which y washed mselves, was meticulously reconstructed. The people who lived from 2008 to 2011 in this past simulation were only allowed to leave m in exceptional cases; The intake of objects from present day was forbidden in case of punishment.

    Dau wasalready one of larger myths of film history before filmmaker really started to turn. Wher he had ever finished turning, remained unclear, and at latest, when 2014 war came to Kharkiv, project was considered to be more or less unfinished.

    Creating a space and time experience

    This information was suddenly changed when in middle of August Thomas Parks, artistic director of Berlin Festival, made a public application for Berlin-Mitte street and Green, which has premiere of Dau freedom in Berlin. Khrzhanovskys and superiors do not want to simply show films that emerged from megalomaniac shoot (700 minutes of film is said to be 13 feature films and tens of series). Several Berlin newspapers reported that Russian director wanted to rebuild a kind of Berlin Wall and build a kind of temporary Stalinstaat in a whole quarter in middle, in which his films are to be shown.

    Since Tuesday re is at least a little bit of clarity about what is wrong with se rumors. It is actually planned to separate an area of about 300 times 300 meters between State Opera House and building Academy, directly on road under Den Linden, for period from 12 October to 9 November by a wall from city area. Dau freedom is to be shown in a so-called immersive installation, text to press presentation of project speaks of a "narrative space in size of a neighborhood". The spectators should refore experience what y see, or at least make a space and time experience that has parallels to that of film shoot.

    It is certainly not a question of simulating a Stalinstaat, said Thomas Outendr at press conference in Schinkel Pavilion, one of venues. But one wants, for example, by taking away ir mobile phones and instead equip m with a personalized navigation device tailored to project, creating a space of experience that is removed from present. Deprivation of liberty today is not to have WLAN. But that is also only repression with which visitors would have to reckon: inside wall re should be a space of freedom, which makes visitors receptive to reception of work of art.

    Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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