D Etroit: Become Human : The man behind the click Machine

34;D Etroit: Become Human 34; poses complex and important questions about humanity and when the time has come to uprising. But it often forgets to be a game.

 D Etroit: Become Human  : The man behind the click Machine
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    Detroit, USA, 2038. Androids help in household, department stores of People, serve in military – and eventually develop a consciousness including conscience, compassion and hatred. In short, y become people. This is dieAusgangssituation in Detroit: BecomeHuman (PlayStation 4, circa 60 euro). Like any game by David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream Developer Studio, it is often referred to as interaktiverFilm. They are less about mechanics of game than DieGeschichte.

    The story revolves in case of Detroit: become human by three androids, Connor, Kara and Markus, who make all ihreunterschiedlichen experiences of revival. How se persönlichenGeschichtens go out lies in hands of players and players. Sietreffen The decisions: does Connor doubt his identity early on or just before end? Is Markus afraid of death? How intimately connection of Kara to her human drawing daughter Alice?

    Dasalles are questions that can be answered by pressing a button. Sometimes players got all time in world. Then again it's about seconds. And Wennnicht responds quickly enough, one of characters stops to exist. In best moments, this is emotional and tragic. But sometimes Detroit forgets: become human to be a video game.

    Complex issues with gaps

    Detroit: Become human plays with many templates of oppression from history of mankind. The most obvious is slavery, in which people of color have been abused for centuries. But it is also about identity, in order to be able to understand "orness" under skin, Dasviele LGBTIQ people. And it is about dieKonzentrationslager of mass-destroying Third Reich.

    It complexes and with regard to debate about effects of artificial intelligence on society also very topical issues. The game lays denSpielerinnen questions of humanity, oppression and unglaublichschwerwiegenden up on buttons of your controller. Probably is Detroit: become human a game, dasgerade by people who have made mselves experience of discrimination UndMarginalisierung, can be understood again differently.

    But it is not always consistent. In Circa – depending on thoroughness UndGeschwindigkeit player – 20 hours remain some characters äußertblass. Some of most interesting narrative strands and allusions are not recounted. Does it make a difference for an android to be männlichoder female? Does he or she care about your own skin color? Wieerleben your sexuality? And why do you really want to be human, warumnicht something completely different?

    DieseLücken are also cinematic staging of Detroit: become human owed. If video games want to tell ImposanteGeschichten, y regularly access movie template. Then music plays loudly and dramatically, camera drives over Schlachtfelderund battle scenes, and players will be more to watch than to participate. You'll be amazed at what's being performed. And you forget that you are esdoch to perform this game.

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