D He mothers

In the United States, Brit Bennett was celebrated for 34;D ie mothers 34; Rightly so. The debut novel tells Rousingly how one can suffer for life in his producer.

 D He mothers
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    Just 26 years old, Dieu's American Brit Bennett with her debut has triggered a hype: The novel The mors climbed immediately after New York Times bestseller list, was highly praised by critics, and film rights are also already sold. Wher DieserVerfilmung will succeed in capturing quiet strength and wisdom of sentences like Demfolgenden? "Mourning was not a straight line on which one was endlessly farr away from his loss. You never knew when you were hurled into dieArme again. "

    It is mourning der17-year-old Nadja, whose mor took her life a few months before – completely surprising for her daughter and her far, without leaving a declaration on. Both are catapulted out of ir previous lives in small town of Oceansideim Sourn California, in various ways loss is about. The far binds himself even more closely to conservative, Christlicheschwarze community, and daily visits ir church called Upper Room.

    Everyday racism

    Nadja elaborates "EinenRuf as a wild girl", finally begins an affair with Luke, son of pastor, becomes pregnant and takes a break, leaving city – sadness and doubts in closing.

    Bennett tells of RepressivenEnge, hypocrisy of which atmosphere is shaped in small town where people of all skin colours live toger. But all of ir figures, like mselves, are black. The greatest attention is given to her wiederumauf her own generation: Nadja, Luke and Nadja's friend Aubrey grow up in analyses contained-Obama era and experience his election 2008 to US president as Sehrjunge adults: In novel, Nadja breaks up in same year to To study help of a scholarship.

    The fact that black anderegesellschaftlichen rules apply, ir life plans and ir Möglichkeitensich are often different from those of whites, author conveys quasi enpasser through ways of acting and thinking of her characters. And also DerRassismus, to which y are exposed, appears completely unspectacular, as DieNormalität he is. For example, in a man's answer to question of wher he would not want a son: "' too dangerous, '" he said. SchwarzeJungs are target targets. Black girls have at least one chance. ' "

    To understand a wrestling

    Bennett succeeds in Aufüberzeugende way of linking her social status description with Denindividuellen life because of her figures. So is her novel anda art coming-of-age story of three young people who have all einenVerlust to overcome a trauma: while Nadja feels abandoned by her mor's DenSelbstmord, Aubrey's Mutterbeim sexual abuse of daughter has Seen by stepfar. This creates a deep relationship between two opposite young women. The title-giving mors shine through absence, sounterschiedlich reasons may be.

    While Aubrey broke off contact with her mor, Nadja struggled to understand. And with IhrenSchuldgefühlen: has not life of her mor been spoiled by fact that she has already become pregnant with Nadja as a teenager? That Nadja Dieeigene aborts early pregnancy has to do with it. She doesn't want to repeat denvermeintlichen mistake of her mor. She will succeed, do not regret decision, but over years also wrangle again and again. Sensitively, Bennett draws Nadja's vulnerability and shows how young woman mores, even armored.

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