D Ietland : Disrespectful revenge fantasy

A fat woman is in a feminist conspiracy. The New American TV series 34;D Ietland 34; is a radical version of 34; Alice in Wonderland 34;.

 D Ietland  : Disrespectful revenge fantasy
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    "Americans expect and enjoy spectacle of unfortunate, fat person," wrote author Sarai Walker 2006 in New York Times, "so it's a radical act to challenge this narrative". The new dietary series, based on novels of same name, does just that. She tells of a woman who has spent her whole life in a state of greatest fear and decides to change something. It is disrespectful and, yes, also revolutionary.

    The first picture you see in this series is that of a woman who covers her blauesAuge with makeup. Moments later we see hand of a woman, a razor blade carves her chest. In animated title sequence, a fat woman crawls onto a candy mountain that is made of Süßigkeitenbesteht. As she climbs higher and higher, she loses more and more Gewichtund shrinks until she is completely emaciated. When she arrives at summit, she is just a skeleton – and dies. So playful and alienated kommtdieses intro, refore, that one almost overlooks SeineRadikalität.

    When series heroine Plum meets for first time, in sits in a small café in New York City and answers questions to teen magazine Daisy chain in name of DerChefredakteurin Kitty Montgomery (Julianna Margulies from The Good Wife). "Dear Kitty," writes a reader. Sometimes I crack my chest with a razor blade. It hurts, but it feels good too. "–" Dear Kitty, who is more oppressed, "wants to know anor," a woman who is wrapped up from head to toe into a burka, or one of bikini models on cover IhresMagazins? "

    Anor F-word

    Plum answers se e-mails dutifully on behalf of her ruthless boss, who is cultivated on her magazine title like Thin in!. For burqa or bikini question, Plum writes: "You could look at it alszwei sides of same coin." What she does not know at this moment: The alleged reader question comes from a feminist who wants to test diePlum.

    If she does not respond to torments of desperate young women, she spends her days counting calories and ordering clos that are septemberthat far too small. One day, her dietary carer thinks that if consult "bad behaviour like food" is disaccustomed and has a Magenverkleinerunghinter, her "thin me" will reveal herself. Her name's actually Alicia, but she is called plum by all, because she is "fat". "I can say it," emphasizes plum. It has same power as fuck. Anor F-word.

    But things are changing, Alicia is recruited by a geheimenfeministischen collective that kämpftund for safety of all women that she wastes her potential in a sexist media house. The leader of this group (Robin refuses) is heiress EinesDiätimperiums and tries to remediate damage her family has done by helping women like plum to love each or as y are. At same time, a masked, radical feminist guerrilla group, name Jennifer, begins a bloody revenge campaign against rapist UndSchläger. The corpses of men throw m from bridges and planes.

    Nachvor view of first two episodes, it is impossible to tell where it all führenwird. Judging by Sarai Walker's novel, dietary will probably not be content with einervorhersagbaren message of sugar-sweet self-acceptance, but would result in a cathartic, provocative and humorous revenge fantasy. A man Konnteim television to be a hero, even if he is suffering, lying or desperate. FürFrauen was not true for a long time. Even against this unequal treatment, Aliciaihren f-finger stretches very far up.

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