D Isenchantment : Feminism in the fairytale forest

Saber-wielding princesses and escalating parties: The Simpsons inventor Matt Groening creates a new fantasy in his new TV series 34;D isenchantment 34;

 D Isenchantment  : Feminism in the fairytale forest
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    A new series of Matt Groening is always an exciting thing. DerSchöpfer The Simpsons has remained langetreu, but more importantly it probably weighs that his creations have remained ihmtreu. When Simpsons 1989beim transmitter Fox went into series, y were first cartoon in Abendprogrammseit family Feuerstein and Jetsons in Sixties. Soon Brachtedie Yellow family with Overbite Guardian and even US President Bush senior against him. The series quipped Undparodierte more or less lively, a Sunday perpetual motion. Because merchandising continues to be superb and because performers do not age, re are neir reasons to set broadcast nor to refresh it creatively.

    Perhaps it is because DieSimpsons has been in creative Sleeping Beauty sleep for almost 20 years, dassGroenings new series Disenchantment plays in fairytale forest. Very far from Springfield Pastitis team did not move away this time, but at least from Fox channel Istman abandoned. However, gang is on Netflix at a time when even einDauerbrenner like Star Trek is celebrating its premiere re, too, not just bold. As is often case when Netflix buys Sicheine blueprint of existing series, viewer might end up wondering why he doesn't just keep looking at original, which is still running on free TV

    Adrian Daub

    is professor of comparative literature and German studies at Stanford University in California. He also runs a programme for gender studies. He has worked extensively with German-language literature, German music culture of 19th century and Silicon Valley.

    Disenchantment has (at least in English version) really good voices, Einepoppige, Computer aided graphics of newer Simpsons and Matt Groening's proven humor. Princess Bean (Stimmevon Abbi Jacobson) is warped and driveless daughter of King Zøg VonFairyland (voice of John DiMaggio, immediately recognizable as Bender from Futurama). Her side is a Elfnamens Elfo (Nat Faxon) and for so far unclear reasons she angesetzterDämon called Luci (Eric André), who is supposed to lure her to crooked path Undfeststellen that she has long been on this. Toger, The adventures that ever-growing adolescents experience in comedies today.

    The creators have not noticed much new things. The absurd visual humor is based on later Staffelnder Simpsons, FantastischenStimmen recruit mainly from talent pool of Futurama. Clearly, GANZEKOMMT adult, refore, as Simpsonsund less nerdy than Futurama. A couple of good gags have first episodes, which were to be seen in advance, quite to offer: a tome, Derso old is that it consists only of dust, a nasty Groteskerie over Kinderarbeit and a lot of Zotiger Tavernennamen.

    At least on Metalevel, one has gone a little bit with time: a Mädchenals main character, a good portion of feminism, a wicked mor-in-law whose accent sounds like Melania Trump and finally not white as a speaker. Especially in view of recently controversial Simpsons figure Apu Nahasapeemapetilon a positive development.

    Unlike two famous predecessors, Disenchantment, as it belongs to a fantasy series, Seriellund not episodic built – which has its goodness as its bad. DieSimpsons have vielSpaß at ir 30-year-old overuse reset button technique (in which at beginning of next episode everything is back to old one). Disenchantmentbastelt, as it is for Netflix age, slowly and continuously Weltund figure constellations. This is quite pleasant. However, it is a bit bizarre that Princess Bean is to be married twice in first six episodes and two parties get out of hand.

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