eve Online : without war is boring

The computer game 34; eve Online 34; Enables virtual wars in distant galaxies – and thousands of games. The Secret of success: The nature of the fights and strategic traits.

  eve Online  :   without war is boring
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    23 January 2018, Solar System 9-4RP2, region cloud ring: The fleets of norrn coalition around Pandemic Horde Alliance are preparing for an attack by Empire, a coalition led by notorious Goonswarm Federation. The target of attackers is a space citadel, Bulwark is to be destroyed in order to prepare a change of power in this solar system. The operation is part of a war that has been raging for months, with which Empire is trying to expand its influence zone. The two warring parties have contracted almost 6,000 Eve space pilots (y call mselves Capsuleers) in 9-4RP2 on evening of that January day. The beginning of a great battle seems to be imminent in game Eve Online.

    War scenarios have always been a basic motif of games. However, players and players usually only require specific skills: operational skill of an infantryman in shooters, tactical creativity in real-time strategy games, planning prudence in turn-based strategy games. The Space game EVE Online unites all se elements and, as a probably only game, meets criteria of definition of war that once Hungarian peace researcher István Kende has formulated for very real world: parties involved have Through a centrally controlled organization, armed operations are relatively continuous, and a planned strategy can be seen on all sides.

    In 15 years that EVE Online is now running, wars have been waged re with a whole range of different goals. In his book Empires of Eve: A History of Great Wars of Eve Online, Andrew Major gives an overview of armed conflicts and political confusions in early years of this game world. Great tells in detail of opportunistic, economic, role-playing, but also deeply philosophical war reasons.

    Tactical interests Go ahead This article appeared in current issue of magazine "WASD", which is in essays with Games. This issue is about computer games and war. (copyright) WASD

    However, conflict between Goon-led south and norrn Coalition is not so serious and only serves to fathom own military space of action. In contrast to previous years, wars in Eve are rarely strategic goals, but rar serve tactical interests. This has mainly play-mechanical reasons: "Since 2017 it is virtually impossible to remove someone from his space as soon as he has buried himself. Because mechanics with which citadels can be destroyed are complicated and stupid, "says Killah Bee, in game Allied commander of norrn Coalition, who also commanded defense in 9-4RP2.

    In world of Eve Online, for some time now, one of most common reasons for real wars has been missing: resource scarcity. Because in Eve ships, weapons, ammunition and equipment have to be manufactured by player-controlled industries, dismantling, refininging and distributing necessary resources is a core element of game. "But it's enough to control a relatively small corner of space to produce everything you need as an alliance. There is no shortage of resources forcing one to conquer. " Killah Bee refore also looks very calmly at conflict that was going on in January: "The Goons do not need region that is currently being fought. We don't need region eir. Both sides simply want to know who can furr project ir power. "

    The central reason for war, however, is mostly not power projection or politics, but fun. The vast majority of Capsuleers lures prospect of magnificent space battles to Eve Online. This means less hunt for NPC Pirates (non-player characters, i.e. game characters controlled by program), rar than perspective of coordinated battles between players, referred to as technical language person versus person (PVP). Content is called se player-generated events and clashes in Eve players, wher small or large. Typically, computer games provide content as a story or game modes provided by developer. But since game is against programmed environment in Eve "Todlangweilig" (Killah Bee), players must take care of it. Content is refore a game and a war goal.

    Date Of Update: 14 July 2018, 12:02

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