Journal of Sleep Research : Lack of sleep can be compensated on weekends

A regular sleep time of five hours or less leads to an increased risk of death, shows a study. But sleeping on weekends can help.

  Journal of Sleep Research  : Lack of sleep can be compensated on weekends

According to study, a sleep deficit collected over week must have keinegesundheitlichen disadvantages if balance sheet is Wochenendewieder. If lack of sleep at free Tagennachgeholt is not accompanied by a erhöhtenSterberisiko in long run, an international team VonSchlafforschern reports in study (Journal of Sleep Research, sleep duration and mortality – does weekend Sleep matter? 2018). "When you sleep on weekends, you don't have to come every day to healthy 7 to 7.5 hours, which is also often unrealistic for employees in current times," confirmed head of SchlafmedizinischenZentrums at Berlin Charité, Ingo Fietze, who was not involved in DerStudie.

For study, scientists UmTorbjörn Åkerstedt from Stockholm Karolinska Institute evaluated sleeping and living habits of nearly 44,000 people in Sweden. Over a period of 13 years, y followed which participants died. Wher you geänderthatten your sleeping habits during this time has not been determined. However, carried out considered or health determinants in ir analysis, including weight, tobacco and alcohol use, and KörperlicheAktivität.

The researchers took seven hours as a reference value for optimum sleep time. People under 65 years of age, Diejede slept five hours or less, ImStudienzeitraum had increased mortality risk compared to people with this sleeping time. This was not case, however, when people with lack of sleep were sleeping for a long time on weekends. Darausleiten The researchers that a sleep deficit can be compensated without großegesundheitliche disadvantages on weekends.

The researchers also found a increased death rate among those subjects under 65 years who slept more than nine hours a day. In elderly, scientists hardly Veränderungenbeim risk of death – no matter how long DieseTeilnehmer had slept on weekdays and weekends.

DerBerliner expert Fietze believes that sleeping under six hours or over nine hours in long term increases Lebenserwartungverkürzt and risk of diabetes and cancer. Added to this is effect on psyche: "The sleep shorter than six hours is already on your mind after one night." If one wants to start day optimally, n a sleep time of about seven hours is exactly right, says Fietze. For upcoming Belastungenvorzuschlafen, but not possible, stresses physician.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:02

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