on Nite : of apples you get life, of mushrooms more shield

34; on Nite 34; is the video game of the hour. Some find it simple and stupid. Only children understand it. Our author has let it be explained by three twelve-year-olds.

  on Nite  :   of apples you get life, of mushrooms more shield
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    "We must go to zone. Wegvom Storm. "

    What's zone? Istman re before storm? And why is re even storm that via playing field?

    "Man, that's clear, orwise teams might camp on one side of map, and it Kämenie to fight."

    Aha. Of course.

    So we flee from DemSturm. We are three twelve-year-old, my son and two of his friends – unyou, only adult on couch. The three young experts tell me something that is just very essential in ir lives: On Nite, daserfolgreichste video game of se days. Especially teenagers play it, at least 40 million worldwide, exact numbers are released by manufacturer Epic Gamesnicht. His monthly sales already: 223 million dollars were re in March, 318Millionen in May, and that alone with on Nite. The billion sales threshold more ofexperience exceeded, while game is only twelve months on market, this week it's been a year since it came out.

    There are or games of same kind, especially PUBG, recently Realm Royale. But none is sounmittelbar so deeply infiltrated into pop culture. Parents cannot evade me of "On Nite." Hardly anything reiztvor all male teenagers similarly strong, except maybe Minecraft, that was DasHypespiel before. All three boys who are now sitting here in front of screen are sporty, in football club or judo, y spielenInstrumente, drums, oboe, guitar. You have to help Überallmal as a parent. Never at nite.

    "There's bus, don't jump yet!"

    Sounds silly, but it's not

    In first second of game you can see what distinguishes it: it is pleasantly silly. A blue Partybus on a balloon hovering over an island, we jump off with a paraglider. In free fall you look for where on island Manbeginnen wants to open screen and fight off. Because that's what this game is all about: with 99 or avatars of real online players and players in Zusammenauf of island, y are only reinforced with a pickaxe; You have to find right weapons first. Then y all hit each or, and whoever is last one is winner. Sounds simple and stupid. It's not.

    My sofa is set up by World Cup football watch still frontal to television, for children event is now probably genausoaufregend like a World Cup broadcast, at least. On Nite Battle Royale runs on Xbox One before us, game Istkostenlos, but who spielenwill on Xbox or PlayStation with or networked, needs a gold or plus pass that costs about seven communities for a month. The game itself is always same, no matter what you play it. Relate investments guys hang casual, but very attentive in sofa. We choose single player mode, but y all decide what to do toger.

    "There are three unterschiedlicheMaterialien, namely wood, stone and metal. Metal holds best, "Erklärtmir one of boys. "Sometimes loot drops are also dieseBallons, re are weapons or raw materials or or useful Dingedrin." Anor adds: "The fewer people still live, if you dies yourself, more experience you get." The boys talk confused, eshagelt information like: "From apples you get life, that's GrüneBalken, more shield from mushrooms, that's blue bar." Or: "If ManLagerfeuer is placed and ranstellt re, you will get back to life if Manzo has an example of damage."

    Date Of Update: 28 July 2018, 12:00

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