rockabilly : Suddenly the meteorite hits a

The author Mike Wilson leaves his characters in 34; rockabilly 34; dig, fumbling and murdering. A grandiose grotesque chamber piece about the Tristesse of the third millennium.

  rockabilly  : Suddenly the meteorite hits a
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    Those who Rockabillyaufschlägt, may give mselves a short hope that it will be beautiful on following schmonzettig, as in a love Songaus Nashville. As a motto, Mike Wilson precedes his novel two lines AusRoy Orbison only Lonely of 1960: "Only lonely/know WayI feel tonight/Only lonely/know This feeling ain't right." Natürlichwird disappointed readership.

    In rockabilly re is Keinengefahrlosen view into Abyss, as it offers us Orbison lukewarm ballad. As a contrast to coming, this half-century-old melancholy is not entirely out of place. For more oily Songbeim reading sounds, more slate, suspect, and even truer lonely in this book – four figures that Argentine-American AutorWilson in his so grandiose and minimalist cabinet prose auftretenlässt.

    It begins with a meteorite impact in garden of title-giving figure. The event Gibtdie dynamics of night before: Junkie and scrap collector rockabilly captures einfachmal to dig, fired by an undreamt of gloomy energy. SeineNachbarin, 15-year-old suicide girl, remains perplexed again, as Siemerkt, that one of her breasts swells and begins to give milk. Meanwhile, baby face runs through neighborhood, he suffers from a rare Genkrankheitund shrinks physically back, he has, he says, "head einesdreiundvierzigjährigen babies". And a dog called Bones is starting to think. In short chapters, Wilson switches between perspectives of four outsiders to capture a night of ir fahrige fears and GehemmteHoffnungen.

    In end always violence

    Your sonderbarenKosenamen will not drop four. who also needs Dierichtigen name when wrong lives are lived? The figures kennenwenig more than boredom, anger, guilt as well as prospect Gestelltelebenslängliche variation of se states. Their sexual fantasies take ASA shamefully, as proof of ir own vileness. No Wunderalso that quartet yearns for a highlight that could lift everything out of DenFugen. They are, though unwilling, so willing to accept DenMeteoriten as a sign of change. Rockabilly about'll senseless into crater dig to get to celestial stone. The fact that he is shoveling his own grave is one of Vielenfiesen Vetrackiten that Wilson feels his characters.

    Here, from every gesture a danger arises, from every approach a misunderstanding, from every sincere lust a distress. And in end re is always dieGewalt as wrong solution, be it at Babyface, who penetrates into bedroom vonSuicide girl to fumble in her bruising, or by suicide girl herself, who chokes her mor with a telephone cord while in television buttery Lubricated bodybuilders run around, followed by advertising FürWal-Mart. Reconciliation, spare or embellishment? For this Sortimentbietet rockabilly nothing.

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