single mom : The perfectly stressed mother

Single parenting, two kids and now back in the job. How can this be done, and how do you keep a good mood? An excerpt from the Book 34; single mom 34;

  single mom  : The perfectly stressed mother
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    Caroline Rosales is editor of Spark Media Group and author of Time online column "10 After 8". About her life as a single mor of two children, she wrote book "Single Mom" (Rowohlt Verlag), from which we publish this excerpt in advance.

    I stood at sill of our new little Küchegelehnt. The sun was shining, it was 24 degrees, a beautiful July day. The window was wide open. Downstairs someone just threw bottles into glass trash bin. Einenach of ors. A whole new sound in my everyday life, which sounded beautiful after demAchtziger-years-Germany of my childhood. In left hand held a large cup of milk coffee, in or rest of Marmeladenbrotesmeiner daughter. With my non-existent third hand, but officially DerKaffeetassen hand, I already read current news of day to Spätereinigermaßen prepared in editorial.

    How do you recognize a single berufstätigeMutter? Right, she actually feeds on nothing but denEssensresten of her children, she plans it as a daily food source. Bread crusts, for example, are – as all parents know – natürlicheFeind of toddler. I have eaten over past four years safely over 500Brotkrusten, who left my little ones lovingly stacked on ir bread plate in morning for me. Not to mention muddy cornflakes milk, oatmeal with honey and bitten apples or bananas.

    Caroline Rosales, born 1982 in Bonn, works as an editor of Spark Media Group. In addition, SieAutorin is of two non-fiction books. In year 2012 she founded blog, which still belongs to Dengrößten parents blogs in Germany. She lives with her two children in Berlin and is a guest author of "10 After 8". © Private

    The children who never eat anything fit well zurgestressten generation of parents. And that, even though we have nochgelernt in school to eat everything, because children in Africa are suffering from hunger. Nowadays, children are much too distasteful for such sentences.

    "And now? Should we give you my Brokkolischicken now? ", my son once asked.

    "No, you kleinerBesserwisser, but it's about respect and an altruistic worldview," I said. Then nothing has happened to him eir.

    Know Vonnaseweisen children I like to meet with age-related, IntellektuellerÜberlegenheit. Maxime likes that. I notice this in way he n twists SeineAugen and smiles at it. Or I say, "God sees everything." MeineKinder are baptized Catholic and go quite regularly to children's choir DerKirche. God refore always moves with two.

    I had made up my mind not to lose meineLeichtigkeit, my humor, but task was wirklichgerade very difficult. Not only did children and I now have to call this Wohnungunser at home, I was also in duty to myself in my new Lebenzurechtzufinden. I've been working again in einerRedaktion for just eight weeks. Four weeks before move I had started. But even re mussteich me again. Wher my Superwoman costume as Redakteurinwirklich still fit me? It just pinched something else, but I slowly wore it. To develop routine, to answer 30 e-mails a day, to be prepared for all questions in conferences, to write a great article a week – that was not as easy for me as it was four years ago. The empty long aisles in editorial office, many glass walls, dieWände of cement, large production room with its grey pillars: Siebereiteten me still afraid of space. I felt like y could just drop me and crush me.

    Where was my Selbstbewusstseingeblieben, my safety, that after ten years of Redaktionserfahrungtrotz long break I had something on box? A profession is like riding a bicycle. You don't get it. But now I was at once no longer alleinemit job. Before I went to work, I had to morgenswegbringen my children, pray that everything is going well, and during working day hope that not a call from kindergarten came because one of two Plötzlicheinen had hot head.

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