The Ballad of Buster Scruggs : The end of the idea America

Corpses in the dust and a legless that quotes Lincoln: at the festival in Venice, the Coen brothers present their new western as a hard commentary on the USA.

  The Ballad of Buster Scruggs  : The end of the idea America

They call it an anthology that sounds Wasein bit didactic. If one takes Greek expression at word, it is a flower-reading. In TheBallad of Buster Scruggs, new film of brors Joel and Ethan Coen, who just celebrated his world premiere at Festival of Venice, Estatsächlich gives a repetitive, floral-looking motif: bullet holes inhuman bodies. The blood spreads around, sometimes as a small rose, sometimes as a slowly growing, earnings figures large leaf.

In six parts, Coens unfold a narrative from American West, a variation of great recurring motifs of ir films: Metaphysischüberhöhte criminal cat-and-mouse game of people. The empty crime and its morbid entertaining. The futility of UnsererExistenz – and a sarcastic look at all attempts to overcome this Vergeblichkeitdurch pursuit of money, gold or land.

At beginning of each episode, love enforces an old narrative band with FarbigenAbbildungen of Wild West scenes into picture. TheBallad of Buster Scruggs presents himself as a reading of two leading brors, who are leafing through fates of ir figures, all mythological figures of Wild West.

There's The Singing cowboy (Tim Blake Nelson), who wins all duels. Until to last. The bank robber (James Franco), who did not reckon with resistance DesSchalterbeamten, but first unfruitful death through Strand. The Old Gold Digger (Tom Waits), on whose treasure it is a scoundrel abgesehenhat. Or even lone settler (Zoe Kazan), who meets her future husband on a trek. If only she had a future.

Each of six episodes (actually five and an apoosis) ends with at least one corpse in road dust, in icy river, or in Dervertrockneten expanse of prairie. All chapters are accompanied by a violence that seems obvious.

Eigentlichwar planned project as a Netflix series, but Coen brors Entschlossensich to this concentrated dance. Her sarcastic humanism or humanistic sarcasm also works in short form. For art of Coens is also here to look at its figures, which do each or's worst, horrible, with an attentive, inclined camera look.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech on Democracy

It is quirk of smallpox pockmarked killer to smoke a cigarette drehenund half after he geschossenhat an innocent man in back. Or affection of young settler to an annoying, kläffendenHündchen, which perhaps belongs in a suburban settlement, but not in Indianernbewohntes land. Or beautiful gesture of ruffled gold-digger of Lonely River valley: After he stole four eggs from nest of an owl, he lays back three under Gaze of Beast ("The Sky knows Biswie much a bird can count at all.").

Diewohl hardest episode of ballad OfBuster Scruggs contains a disturbing commentary of Great show called America: A Showman (Liam Neeson) draws with an arm-and-leg-free actor (Harry Melling) through towns and villages of West. In an improvised wagon atre, performer recites in a moving, always different way a monologue, at end of which is famous closing phrase VonAbraham Lincoln's Gettyburg speech, which this 1863 after decisive battle in American Civil war had kept: "and that government of people, by people and for people, should not disappear from m."

One day actor discovers a show with a trained "head-calculating" chicken. He buys this number, which attracts a lot more spectators. The rest is Coen Cinema: a lonely snow landscape. Implemented sample into ice-cold River cast Wacker Stein. Then empty space in back of tarp.

The work of DerCoens, always detracting from political messages, will not be overburdened if we find that this murder also tells DenTod of an idea. It's idea of America. Joel and Ethan Coen have been working on self-image and myth ihresLandes for 25 years in form of a großenGewaltgeschichte across all cinema genres.

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" runs on Netflix on November 16th.

Date Of Update: 02 September 2018, 12:00

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