5 Precautions to help you buy comfortable mattresses

Our bed (buy bed online) is a source of comfort and relief in your home.

5 Precautions to help you buy comfortable mattresses

Our bed (buy bed online) is a source of comfort and relief in your home. It is where you unwind after a long hours of labour. A proper sleep is extremely important because it is both refreshing and energising. That is why it is very important to make sure that your mattress is absolutely perfect. 

1.Firmer or Softer: It is a misconception that harder mattresses are better than the softer ones. Enough firmness is required to just properly support you; mainly your spine. It is true that too much softness will lead to back ache and poor posture because the mattress will sag under the mid spine. But at the same time, the firmer it gets, the more uncomfortable it is and moreover it does not allow your spine to maintain its proper curve while sleeping. Hence, avoid buying mattresses that are too firm or soft.

2.Firmness Labels: Firmness labels are not always precise. Hence it is better to not rely on them too much. They come as firm, medium firm and extra firm and what is firm for one brand might be medium firm for some other brand. Hence you cannot always rely on the labels to give you the correct information.

3.Test your Mattress: Experts will hail a certain kind or brand of mattress as the best and you should always steer clear from such ideas as you will have your own best mattress. The mattress that is best for you might not be the best for somebody else. Don’t look for the mattress that is best for everyone else. You should always personally test the mattress by lying on them before you buy one.

4.Material: It goes without saying that it is very important that you know everything about the material used in mattresses before you select yours. The material is what defines a comfortable mattresses. Not all offer the comfort you seek.

The most common are metal coils though they are not the best. They are susceptible to sagging, they are noisy and the bouncy effect is not only annoying sometimes, but also bad for your spine.

Memory foam is all about the hype but it is far from being the perfect choice. It is liable to body indentation, can give off an unpleasant chemical odour and also tends to feel hot sometimes.

If you want a classic foam, it is advisable to consider natural latex foam.

If you are considering a waterbed you need to keep in mind that even with all its amenities, it is not for everybody. Since it does not provide enough spine support, you might feel dizzy and nauseous.

5.Foundation: You don’t require a foundation if you have a platform bed. If not, then your old foundation is good enough if your new mattress is of the same size because it is basically a fabric covering a wooden box. In fact, most modern mattresses perform perfectly without the box spring, hence steer clear from manufacturers who try to sell them to you. 

It is important to remember how important your bed is. It is probably more important than any other furniture in the house. Hence, spending some doing some research before you actually buy it is very important.  Select a good company and check the warranty. Avoid rushing and make a good decision.

Date Of Update: 17 July 2019, 17:40

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