5 Wonderful Ways to Explore Central Park

There is a lot to do in Central Park more than just going there for picnics.

5 Wonderful Ways to Explore Central Park

There is a lot to do in Central Park more than just going there for picnics. To get the best out of this wonderful park in New York City, it is important to do a research on the best ways that you could use to explore it. There are notable things to see on this amazing site. Depending on your budget and how you want to explore this location, there are different ways of getting there. Whether traveling alone or in the company of other people, the options are quite a number to consider. Here are 5 wonderful ways to explore Central Park. See which one fits the kind of experience you are looking for: 

1. On Location Tours 

Walk through every part of Central Park and you will definitely come across the sites of your favorite films and TV programs. This is normally a walking tour for about two hours conducted by guides to show you around the park. This tour option starts at the southern flank of Central Park and leads to iconic sites that include the Bethesda Fountain, the Strawberry Fields, and the Boathouse. If you are looking forward to seeing a number of film locations, then the on-location tours are all you need. Guides will help you locate backdrops from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Home Alone 2 and Almost Famous among other great sites. 

2. Pedicab Tours 

In this option, someone will be doing all the pedaling as you hop inside the Pedicab. These tours happen along Central Parks shaded parts for about one or two hours. With Pedicab tours, you are able to cover a lot more distance than if you were traveling on foot. Led by Gossip Girl Pedicab Tour guides, these tours are a crash way to seeing many things in Central Park. You will get a chance to see famous films’ sites, the animals and plants and generally everything related to the history of the Park. The focus of this tour is on the southern half of the park, which is home to the most common attractions such as the Carousel and the Strawberry Fields among others. 

3. Gotham City Tours 

If you are ambitious enough, you would definitely want to cover as much of Central Park as possible in a single trip. For this, you will have to discover Central Park on two wheels. It is a two-hour bike tour where you cruise on the paved paths of the park to see the most famous sites including the Strawberry Fields and the Bethesda Fountain. This option allows you to hop off your bike and pose with friends for photos and take in the views as well. This touring option is suitable for families with children because bikes for kids and seats for babies are provided. 

4. Hallett Nature Sanctuary and the Pond Tour 

This guided tour gives you access to a part of the park that is usually not open to the public. If this is the area you want to explore, this is the way to go about it. You will get a 75-minute outing hitting the trails of the Hallett Nature Sanctuary restricted from access by the public back in 1934 and kept untouched up to 2001. Under the guidance of conservancy guides, you will be led in the company of a few others along the chipped trails to see the three woodland landscapes of the park. This is the best option for people with interests in the Central Park’s nature more than the cultural landmarks. The sanctuary hosts various native plants known to attract birds and wildlife in general. 

5. Walking through Central Park 

You can only get to see most of the impressive views of Central Park by walking into the park. Pedicabs and bikes may have limited access to certain areas where only pedestrians can reach. The two earlier-mentioned options are available through a paved loop on particular lanes in the park. However, there are no limitations to where you can reach while taking a walk in the park. This is a two-hour tour on foot for exploring some of the lesser-known sections of the park alongside other common landmarks like the Loeb Boathouse. This also happens with the help of professional guides who will put into context everything you get to see as you travel along. 

There are great ways to explore Central Park but it all depends on a number of factors. If you need to cover a lot in a short time, Pedicabs tours and bikes may be the best options to consider. Otherwise, you could also walk into the park for exploration. 

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 20:12

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