7 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your New Business

Just getting your business off the ground is a costly endeavor. It always seems once you’ve got everything covered

7 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your New Business

Just getting your business off the ground is a costly endeavor. It always seems once you’ve got everything covered, there is a new fee to pay or a new supply you forgot you needed. Then there’s advertising. In order for people to know you exist and are open for business, you need to promote your business.

Advertising does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, though. With a little creativity, you can get the word out about your business and still manage to keep a couple of nickels to rub together.

1. Use Feather Flags to Grab Attention

You can get feather flags cheap from companies like Feather Flag Nation, and they will even customize them for you. Feather flags are a great way to catch the eye of people who pass by your location as often as daily, but they may not notice your business until they see a colorful feather flag flowing in the wind. When you get a cheap feather flag to put out in front of your business, you let people know that there is something exciting happening. They are inexpensive and easy to set up, and you will not empty your wallet even if you purchase a few cheap feather flags at a time.

2. Start a Social Media Campaign

Some people love social media, and some hate it. Regardless of how you feel about it, you need to get your business up on social media platforms in order to garner the attention your business deserves. Instagram has the most engaged users out of all the platforms, but you will want to look at which platforms your customers use the most.

Make sure your account follows your brand identity, including messages and imagery, engage with your followers, look for the people following your competitors and engage with them, and mix up your content as much as possible. People love videos but not when you post them three times a day.

3. Get Out Into Your Community

Is there a festival or a parade happening in your community this year? Get out there and participate. Participating in community events shows people you care and gets the word out about your business at the same time. Print a branded t-shirt with your company name and logo on it, get an inexpensive custom flag and go represent.

Rent a vendor booth at a festival even if you don’t have products to sell. Go and start talking to people. March in the community parade and hand out samples of your products or even just bottles of water with your company logo on them. You want your brand to be recognized, and getting out into your community is a great, inexpensive way of making it happen.

4. Host Your Own Event

This one is a little more on the expensive side, but it can still be done pretty cheaply and you gain serious credibility among consumers in your geographical area. Host a community cleanup day where everyone gets a t-shirt and some pizza.

Host an open house where everyone who comes in gets free samples or a free consultation for services. A community lunch where you give a talk and offer pizza or hot dogs is another way to get people in the door.

5. Offer Services as an Expert

You can establish yourself as the local expert and gain attention, by offering to speak, write guest blog posts, teach workshops, and give consultations. When you attend events where all eyes are on you, make sure you hand out your business card and stay friendly with people who seem interested in your business. Get business cards and email addresses from attendees and follow up with them after the event. If you write a blog post for another company, make sure the post links back to your website as well. It helps both of you.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Website

Besides passing by your colorful feather flags and your storefront signs, the main avenue for people to discover you is on your website. Make sure your website is optimized for your business to be found whenever people are looking for your products and services, and that it is immediately clear exactly what you offer, why customers want it, and why they should choose you over your competitors.

7. Get Out There and Shake Hands

Have you ever seen those people dressed like cowboys or the Statue of Liberty out on the sidewalk holding signs and waving at people? You do not have to go quite so far as that, but if your business is on a busy sidewalk, then take advantage of your location.

Get your branded stuff (flags, T-shirts, business cards, etc.) and hang out in your doorway greeting people, shaking hands, and starting conversations. You may be surprised how far a smile and a friendly personality will get you—and they are both free!

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