9-euro ticket is well received: Significantly more people travel by train in June

Millions of people use the 9 euro ticket in June.

9-euro ticket is well received: Significantly more people travel by train in June

Millions of people use the 9 euro ticket in June. This is noticeable in the trains: the volume of travel on the rails is 42 percent higher than in pre-Corona June 2019. The ticket is particularly popular for weekend trips, but it is also used for commuting.

In the first month after the introduction of the 9-euro ticket, the volume of rail travel increased. According to a special evaluation of mobile phone data, nationwide rail movements were on average 42 percent higher than in June 2019, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. In May they were only 3 percent higher than the same month in the pre-Corona year. The data only includes distances of 30 kilometers or more. The authority found a particularly significant increase in train journeys of less than 300 kilometers.

Especially at the weekend, many people used the train after the introduction of the 9-euro ticket. According to the information, the strongest day was Saturday. Train journeys on this day were on average 83 percent above the pre-crisis level in June. The development was also clear on Sundays with a plus of 61 percent. From Monday to Friday, an average increase of 36 percent was recorded compared to June 2019.

At the same time, according to the information, a slight decrease in road traffic activities was recorded in June. During the week, the movements were on average only 2 percent above the pre-crisis level, in May it was 5 percent. "The contrary developments on working days on the road compared to the rail indicate that commuters have switched from road to rail transport," explained the authority. Sunday road trips in June were even 6 percent below the Sunday average for June 2019, in May an increase of 11 percent was recorded.

According to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), around 21 million special tickets were sold nationwide in the first month of validity for the so-called 9-euro ticket. "Together with the approximately 10 million subscribers who automatically receive the discounted ticket, the number of 30 million tickets per month previously calculated by the industry has not only been reached, but even slightly exceeded," said VDV President Ingo Wortmann With. The figures relate exclusively to June.

The ticket entitles buyers to travel throughout Germany on local public transport in June, July and August for 9 euros each. Subscribers can use their subscription tickets like a 9-euro ticket and are reimbursed the difference for the three months.

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