Art at Koller: view to infinity

On a sun-yellow flower meadow, sit, "mother and child" and enjoy the wonderful summer: In the year 1899 Cuno painted Amiet the image for the art collector, Os

Art at Koller: view to infinity

On a sun-yellow flower meadow, sit, "mother and child" and enjoy the wonderful summer: In the year 1899 Cuno painted Amiet the image for the art collector, Oscar Miller. Already a year later, Miller exchanged it for another at Amiet, because there were problems with the adhesion of the tempera colors in the painting. The artist took the return not only to the occasion for a conservation treatment, but also changed the composition. He replaced a dark range of hills, through the seven flowering trees at the upper edge of the image. For a long time the work was considered lost, now it is after almost ninety years in a Swiss private collection was discovered, and with an expectation of 380,000 to 480.000 Swiss francs, one of the Toplose in Koller's auction of Swiss art on 3. July in Zurich. With an estimate of 380,000 to 550,000 Swiss francs Albert Anker 37 gifts 32 inches small, also, in 1899, created the painting "girl with Christmas", the top-of-the work among the 84 offered Free. Anchor eight watercolors also come to the call, including the two market-fresh read against pieces of 1907, the "grandfather in the newspaper" and "grandmother Knitting" (Taxe 25,000/to 35,000 francs). While Ferdinand Hodler head study "view to infinity" from 1914/15 through monumentality impressed (160.000/220.000), it is in Louis Soutters by finger painting created pen-and-ink drawing "Hôtes EN roulotte" the spontaneous and archaic Art (140.000/180.000). Many color-intensive landscapes to enrich the offer, including Gottardo Segantini market-fresh "landscape near Maloja" of 1931 and Giovanni Giacometti's "Mattino d'estate", 1924 (estimate per 120.000/180.000 Swiss francs).

the Highlight of the 75-Free with modern art, also on 3. July Joan miró's "Painting" of 1953 (there were 480,000/550.000): On the frieze-like, 150 times by twenty centimeters measured paintings seem to float not deutbare characters and shapes in front of the monochrome black surface. With "Solitude III/III" from 1960 (320.000/380.000) and the "Tête" of 1972 (180.000/240.000) will be offered two further works by Miró. Max Pechstein traveled in the summer of 1920 for the fifth Time in the East Prussian fishing village of Nida on the Curonian spit. The paintings are a result of "fisherman's life", the oil Painting "fishermen's wives" came to be: expressive, sharp-edged stroke of the brush he captures the two women in front of the raging sea (of 220,000/280,000 of). Giorgio de Chirico returns with "Piazza d'italia" is one of his typical empty, surreal city views (100.000/150.000), and Max Liebermann holds to 1908 his "garden with its palm tubs, and two female figures" (30. 000/500.000).


enjoyed The time auction at Koller on 4. July: Among the 93 offered Lots in 1958 the resulting watercolor painting "The yellow space – flight stands out of place" by friedensreich Hundertwasser due to its discrepancy between utopia and reality, particularly (120.000/180.000). From Andy Warhol two unique come under the Hammer: the acrylic paintings with silk-screen print of "Lola Jacobson" from the year 1985 (180.000/240.000) and the fresh market, also in 1985, the resulting mixed technique of acrylic and silkscreen "B/W Ads (Are You Different?)" (50.000/70.000). Airy, light and playful, the small, only 41 cm high plastic "Grass Skirt Opus" by John Chamberlain (100.000/150.000) will be displayed; the American artist produced in 2002 from painted and chrome-plated steel . Wim Delvoyes Bronze "Jesus Twisted" from 2006 is bleak and ironic (edition of 3; 90.000/120.000). The three auctions is to import 7.5 million Swiss francs.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 06:19

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