Audiobook by Yasmina Reza: A certain jiggidy-jig

Who plays in Chekhov's "Three sisters"? Anne-Marie Mille. Who are the Angélique in molière's "The imaginary invalid"? "Anne-Marie Mille. Anne-Marie Mille

Audiobook by Yasmina Reza: A certain jiggidy-jig

Who plays in Chekhov's "Three sisters"? Anne-Marie Mille. Who are the Angélique in molière's "The imaginary invalid"? "Anne-Marie Mille. Anne-Marie Mille, great!“ Once the Name jumped to Playbills in the eye, the desire of memory, although he was usually pretty far down. Now he penetrates only into the ear, imploringly repeated by an actress, the assigned long since, and forgotten. From the Northern French province of Saint-Sourd, she did it in a Paris suburb theatre, but in the end, she remained in mediocrity. Secretly, you know, but who admits the likes? Defiantly, she insists to her probably just imaginary interview partners on the formula: "I had a happy life, you know?"

the monologues are characterized by the Suggestion of loneliness. On the theatre they are overheard only by the audience. "Am I alone?" – asks Lessing's Marwood – "Can I draw unnoticed for breath and the muscles of the face in its natural position to leave?" Actually, that would be an opportunity to be honest about yourself. Provided that the lifetime of the played roles and the projected self-image are not so strong that they are impenetrable. This tension of the old-age monologue by Anne-Marie Mille draws its power.

between illusion and Depression

Written by the actress Yasmina Reza, which still bears the title of "most successful playwright in the world" has him. You know best how to speak on a stage, with themselves, even if the issues raised Madame, Mademoiselle or Monsieur's are just imaginary.

The between self-glory and self-doubt, Illusion, and Depression, fluctuating Anne-Marie gives the 1938-born actress Elisabeth Black – dubbing voice of Meryl Streep or Geraldine Chaplin – a very convincing Interpretation. Anne-Marie's tirades against the order forced her boring husband, against the disenfranchisement attempts of the "Mistfinks" son or the "Psycho-antics" of any therapist gives Black a energetic croaky tone. Wistfully, however, the insight into the lack of beauty or the commitment to the sentimentality blades, although Anne-Marie considers herself unsentimental. The diagnosis of elevated blood pressure on your doctor they met outraged, and the views to Die clarified: "may be it is because, where I come from, only if it is in the box."

entry detention associative memory stream

Despite so ironic and casual sayings Anne wishes-Marie nothing so much as the "universal Equanimity" by Giselle Fayolle, their recently deceased friend, her role model, her competitor. This Gigi was really beautiful, and not talented, while Anne-Marie had only to listen to pictures of Brigitte Bardot for self-reflection excerpt, and from the mother, you can see well enough from the acting profession, untalented and without inner calling. Gigi got the big roles, without the pieces ever read. The men ran after her in droves, she did what fit her just.

First, she conducted the life lying from the bed, she later starred on stage in "lying with a straight face, as if you just don't care". Gigi is the leaps and bounds the associative memory power a red thread. "On the stage, nothing remains," says Anne-Marie, because the stage is completely indifferent, who is playing on her. A keepsake, with which it is Giselle Fayolle alive, do not deserve your self. The inner monologue must replace.

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