Author Ulla Hahn: For more mindfulness in dealing with the language

"language is The house of Being", Martin Heidegger wrote. Language is (also) a tool. How do we have this tool and the blocks, and with what consequences? With

Author Ulla Hahn: For more mindfulness in dealing with the language

"language is The house of Being", Martin Heidegger wrote. Language is (also) a tool. How do we have this tool and the blocks, and with what consequences? With what intentions and with what effects? Language makes the people, it is the medium of every human being to social and political communication. And here a special responsibility for every Democrat there is. In spite of different assessments of the facts and, in spite of different interests, Democrats should always be trying to stay as close as possible to the facts and to bring different opinions to understand the language Because, after all, the recipients of the messages are mostly not professionals. However, it is precisely in the simplification and Exaggeration is also a dangerous temptation is then to be deceptive and hurtful controversy. The word on the gold scale, this is not only true for poets.

When I read recently of the desire of a world without police, coupled with the proposal that finally employ the unemployed to police officers on the "garbage dump" where they were "surrounded by their peers", then "really just a waste", I remembered the defamatory language decades ago, the radical left-wing camp, as police officers "cops" were terrorists "fighters", and human "types", from entrepreneurs "capitalists" and from many politicians "pigs" – and at the end of the RAF from violent words made bloody deeds. Words showed and produced ethos.

it is Clear, then, as now: Any dispute about words is never a dispute about words alone, but always also a dispute about intention and purpose. Every decision in the field of public language is also a political decision. With the consequences of the thing - and the body world of the people. And here it is today, in the age of new media, many new opportunities to bring the "house of Being" to collapse.

The question is, who is the Lord

As a disciple of Confucius asked what this would do, held it in the morning, the line of the state, he replied: "I would first define the meaning of the words. If the meanings are not clear, do not agree with the words. The words do not match, so the right works do not come about. Not the right works, and thrive art and morality. Therefore, the Noble that he would let his clear terms to deeds words, and his words to be a concern, and won't tolerate that in his words anything is in disarray.“

"Can you as a word so use it how you want it?" Alice from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland asks," the mad Hatter. And the answer: "The question is not, what is the meaning of a word really. The question is, who is Lord and who is not.“ Dictators were and the Power of language are always aware of. Lenin, who has dealt a lot with language issues, came to the conclusion: "the essential prerequisite for The destruction of the existing order, the destruction of the language."

Our ancestors had to experience under the Nazi regime. Propaganda is the word of the hour, the Propaganda, the success of which was, of course, from the perfectly manipulative use of language was dependent on. For example, with the prohibition of the use of certain words: "There are certain words that we need to be afraid as the devil the Holy water, the words Sabotage and assassination, for example. You must let such words not only in the everyday jargon," said Joseph Goebbels, head of the specially created Ministry of Propaganda, the Radio, and "people's receiver" to abuse it knew how, nowadays, some populist politicians Twitter.

words can arsenic doses want to know

Who, how brainwashing can work by voice control, read the today's latest book "LTI – The unresolved language". Wrote this "notebook of a philologist" on the Lingua tertii imperii (the language of the "third Reich") by Victor Klemperer, Professor of romance languages and literature by the Nazis because of his Jewish parentage from the University of had been banished. In the 1947 book, the sensible scientists voice carried his observations on the consequences of infamous manipulations and the effect described, which he noticed even in himself. "Some day," said Klemperer. "overcame me, the printed lie, if you can penetrate from all sides to me, if the ring is less to me only few, from always, and finally, no more doubt, be brought... that as a Brag, and lie realized the Propaganda works however, if one has only the forehead, you continue undeterred... Nazism slid into flesh and blood in the amount of about by single words, the idioms, the sentence forms, he took her in million-fold repetitions, and were mechanically and unconsciously be taken... words can be like tiny doses of Arsenic: they are swallowed unnoticed, they appear to do no effect, and after some time, the poison effect is still there.“

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 11:19

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