Book on the ground: Where the mushrooms go on the hunt

The ground has an image problem, he is neither cute like a polar bear baby is still exalted as a Redwood tree or beautiful as a coral reef. This may help that h

Book on the ground: Where the mushrooms go on the hunt

The ground has an image problem, he is neither cute like a polar bear baby is still exalted as a Redwood tree or beautiful as a coral reef. This may help that he barely has a Lobby, though for a long time, it is clear that the loss of soil through Development, Erosion, and pollution is one of the major problems of our time. To the a little bit of remedy, shows Peter running man, a Journalist and trained as a forest scientist, in his new book, what a miracle, we seed the world often ahnungs and mindlessly around boots.

The earthworm improves the soil by digging passages and organ transported Material under the earth, is still the best known of the strange creatures, the running man presents to the reader. However, some of the estimates that the worms long ago, the gardeners assistant, is likely to be that of the Badische Giant earthworm up to half a Meter long, its living tube two meters deep in the ground digging and it is ready to digest even pine needles. And it is, of course, a lot of exotic, out of all the spiders, beetles and woodlice, the soil inhabiting, about springtails, which are small enough to put in the voids in the soil somersaults to hit, up to fungi in the soil, tiny snares with them thread worms to catch. Add to that dust mites and scourge of animal cells, algae and bacteria.

These beings is a list of the. Only the insight into their interaction power, of course, the complexity of the processes in the soil significantly: run man reported about how mushrooms grow around the roots of the trees around - or even into them. They deliver the trees of water and nutrients from the soil fragments in the coarser roots could not penetrate. In return, they receive carbon compounds that produce the trees for photosynthesis. Researchers were even able to demonstrate that fungi exchange nutrients between birch and Douglas-fir. Presumably, such collaborations have made the emergence of land plants possible in the first place, according to the author.

used to be known, what is now ignored

The reader will be amazed and realize once more, how easily such a complex System out of Balance advised. The lamentation over the destruction of the soils, however, comes only later. First, the author explains, starting with the creation of the earth, like the floors have ever developed, as different as they are put together, and how hard the researchers over the centuries have done, the time periods realistically required, so that a few inches can result fertile ground. Also the driving forces of these processes were unknown for a long time. The school is the Vulcans and the Neptunier about it, fought about in the eighteenth century, whether of fire or water formation of the earth's surface out to be crucial.

Much used to the people clear, however, that you floors, of which you over a longer period of time, to reap, to maintain must. The the earthworm was the Egyptians running man, according to Holy, the Bible speaks of the seventh year, in the the floor to rest, the Romans discussed the fruit follow, it is the two fields, and later the three-field system, which was always a part of the soil, time to recovery was created in the first place. In front of one thousand five hundred years ago, was apparently already known, what is forgotten or ignored: the soils of the verdant rain forests are very rich in nutrients and require special care. The inhabitants of the Amazon basin would not have improved the soil with bones, meat and fish residues, faeces, compost and other things up, would never have created a high culture, so the running man. Even today, researchers find traces of this early Düngemaßnahmen.

investigation of crime

However, it has, despite all the efforts in the past often not durable worked out with the maintenance of the floor. The Pontine marshes were created because of the hills of Rome were badly tilled, and the soil slipped into the Tiber. The deforestation of the hillsides around the Mediterranean sea for the Fleet construction program was often described, as well as the dust storms of the American Dust Bowl. Even in the nineteenth century, Lüneburg was due to shifting sand dunes threatened, after they had beaten a lot of wood. Until today, researchers are working to understand the complex processes that make up a successful circular economy.

Good soil is important for the cultivation of food and the preservation of nature; we can observe it, but from a completely different perspective: He is, if one understands him to read, a witness of all that is happening to him. Running man is reported by historians and their search for the traces of battles, but also on how the soil analysis expert criminologists for the investigation of crimes helps.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2020, 18:20

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