Calviño on budgets: "What is difficult is not impossible"

The minister of Economy insists on the climate of "detente and dialogue" within the normal institutional to approve the accounts of the State The minister o

Calviño on budgets:

The minister of Economy insists on the climate of "detente and dialogue" within the normal institutional to approve the accounts of the State

The minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, has insisted on the necessity of a State budget for 2019 in order to take measures that "benefit all citizens", also the catalans, because of extended the current "arrastraríamos the level of deficit" and "we would continue to fiando budgetary policy to the evolution of the economy."

Calviño, which has been closed this afternoon for the Meeting of Economy of S'agaró, has reiterated that the government policy aims to "provide solutions to the needs of the citizens, to recover their trust" and the normal institutional "which is not always easy," he acknowledged. The minister has reminded us that there must be "a climate of detente and dialogue to put in place measures that will reverse the benefit of the catalans".

In this sense, has stated that "" dialog is an indispensible part of the action of the Government and on negotiation of accounts state has assured that "the difficult is not impossible. Things up that are not impossible to follow intentándolas". He has criticized political groups that "refuse to sit down to discuss" the numbers for the next year.

According to the owner of the economy, the extension of the current budget would put the State deficit at 2.4%, a figure which, he said, "is also shared by the European Commission". In contrast, with the fiscal discipline that would be applied in the accounts designed for the Executive of Pedro Sanchez, the deficit would be reduced to 1.8%, in line with the european requirements.

At the auditorium of entrepreneurs who this morning have participated in the conference in S'agaró, organized by the Olof Palme Foundation, Calviño has acknowledged that Spain must make a structural adjustment to have an expense more healthy that be -he said - would close by 2019 with a primary surplus -excluding the public debt. Would be reduced by four percentage points the weight of the deficit on GDP, which would be of 98.1% by the end of 2017 to 95.5% in 2019.

The budget support also made reference to, yesterday in the framework of the same conference, the minister of Promotion, José Luis Abalos, who is hopeful that it will achieve the support of the pro-independence groups to the budgets for 2019, despite the negative announced by PDeCAT and CKD, according to informs Efe.

Asked if he will make some gesture with Catalonia in order to win the favor of the pro-independence, the minister said that "there is already a gesture," with this community, because the catalans will also benefit from the increased minimum wage is 900 euros and the increase in housing investment, among other measures.

Even so, it left the door open to increase the funds that you will receive Catalonia to remember that Building last part of the budget related to the "territorial investment".

once you have closed that part, will have to check the "what is the attitude definitive" of the pro-independence groups, added the minister, who concluded: "there is always hope to keep it alive".

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Date Of Update: 24 November 2018, 20:00