Climate protection targets: The wind power is not progressing

Closed production halls, a broken turbine cover in India – the Corona-crisis has brought the European wind industry in the first half of the year, are sensitive

Climate protection targets: The wind power is not progressing

Closed production halls, a broken turbine cover in India – the Corona-crisis has brought the European wind industry in the first half of the year, are sensitive to degradation. Nevertheless, systems with 5.1 gigawatts of power could be and the level of the previous three years, held-installed, as the industry Association wind Europe announced on Thursday. Of 3.9 gigawatts accounted for, therefore, to wind turbines on Land, 1.2 gigawatts of wind wheels to the lake. Also, with regard to the financing of new projects, reported the Association of positive Numbers. So came together with 14.3 billion euros in so much money like never before in a half-year.

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the sustained wind force problems in some countries can be deceiving, however, only of limited time. The reason for this record sum is an exceptionally large provision of Funds for Offshore projects in France, the UK and the Netherlands only. 11 billion Euro in the three countries. In contrast, the 3.3-billion-Euro mark, the investors for Onshore projects were ready to make a deep point. Also, the forecast of the representatives of the sector for the second half of the year, crisis to grow is due to the Corona.

especially in the largest European market, in Germany, progress in the Development of wind power. The the on Thursday by the Federal Association wind energy (BWE) and VDMA Power Systems presented the half-year balance sheet shows. Accordingly, the number of installed wind turbines increased less degraded old plants of 29.456 on 29.546 – so 90 plants, or 0.3 percent. Because the new models are larger and more efficient, is the increase in performance with a 0.9 percent, slightly larger; in total, the backlog increased by 0.5 to now 54,4 gigawatts, in the second half of the year to come, according to the industry representatives again one Gigawatt to do so.

too slow To achieve the climate goals

From your point of view, the Expansion is progressing significantly slower than of the Federal government in the Wake of the energy transition is deemed necessary, especially since the systems only work for a few weeks in the year, under full load, the installed capacity is far higher than the actually realized performance."In the last few months, the Federal government has made it clear that a sustained increase in energy supply with Renewable energies is wanted. The hydrogen strategy of the German government foresees a need for additional Renewable energy plants with a total capacity of up to 5 gigawatts, including Onshore wind energy for the production of green hydrogen by 2030,“ said Matthias Zelinger, managing Director of VDMA Power Systems.

It was a contradiction, to formulate on the one hand, ambitious climate targets, to pave on the other hand, the way for the necessary Expansion of generation from Renewable energies, so Zelinger.Deficits and BWE-President, Hermann Albers at the planning and approval page. "The knots in the case of permits must be hit by, and the provision of sufficient land in the countries need a new impetus," says Albers. Only then the required Expansion of Renewable energies and the climate could be protection goals. Especially the substantial residents protests to slow down from the perspective of the wind industry's Expansion.

wind turbines in the state forest

"The process take too long!", Frank Mastiaux, chief of the energy supplier EnBW complained just recently, in conversation with the F. A. S. To a wind Park can be built, it need average of almost six years, so Mastiaux. A rapid implementation scheitereoft stands to long licensing procedures and local resistance. Retention of the policy in the southwest EnBW has. According to Baden-württemberg's environment Minister Franz untersteller (Green party) need, it is also more wind turbines in the forest. "Without the state we are going to do forestry very difficult for us, the wind force on a massive scale. We can't afford it, our forests are virtually excluded, if we are looking for new locations,“ said Untersteller.

Date Of Update: 30 July 2020, 15:20

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