Commission to Prussia, Foundation: Strengthen by Smash?

There are a red cloth for Marina Münkler, the head of the working group of the wissenschaftsrat for the evaluation of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz: Thi

Commission to Prussia, Foundation: Strengthen by Smash?

There are a red cloth for Marina Münkler, the head of the working group of the wissenschaftsrat for the evaluation of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz: This is the "personalization of the debate". To talk about people instead of structures was "quite wrong", said the specialist in German studies from Dresden, Germany, during the presentation of the nearly three hundred pages long report of your Commission. Therefore, it was spoken at the press conference in Berlin's science forum is also a little Personal, even though it was behind the protective shield of the issues, of course, that's exactly why.

Andreas Kilb

feuilleton correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

that Monika Grütters, the culture Minister of state, has given evaluation study, in order, will no longer be in its implementation but in the office. Or that the President of the Foundation, Hermann Parzinger, announced, "devote the Rest of my term will be complete," the transformation of Prussia Foundation, at the time of his Retirement in five years, his Post with will handle, if it goes according to the recommendations of the academic Council. Or the Foundation staff, whom Grütters is not insured, their jobs are in danger. Finally, the structure should not shrink, but more efficient, contemporary, modern; to a shedding of jobs, and to otherwise not thought of.

in The end it will disassemble four foundations

The Council not "want to crush the Prussians Foundation-no, no, no", this is a buzzword from the media, said Marina Münkler, but merely dissolve, to the Best of the Whole. From four private foundations, was unlike any speech circulated in the report, but only of a Foundation and three separate facilities in Federal ownership. That's true, if one takes the Commission's paper on the wording; but it is also true that currently almost all of the independent cultural institutions are in the Federal ownership layer foundations. So but four.

The Foundation, which also wants to call the Council so,, from Berlin and financed by the Confederation, from the bankruptcy of the State museums of Berlin, grow up and instead of a General Director, a General Manager or a Director have. About him or her, a Board of Trustees from politicians and representatives of civil society thrones, which takes "content" influence to. This means that the Council throw out the three most important non – Museum institutions of the Stiftung preussischer Kulturbesitz-Staatsbibliothek, Secret state archives, and the Ibero – Amerikanisches Institut-the Federal government into the portfolio and the Rest is just following the pattern of the Prussian Foundation wants to organize. Because the individual Museum Directors are under a directorship not independent as under the current Directorate-General. You only get, when it comes to the Commission, significantly more money.

it All depends on the Federal Minister of Finance

And the, namely of the cost, is the key point of this reform project. Not about the presentation of the report in Berlin, had something peculiar to Verdruckstes. The Commission Chairman did not want to talk, just not about persons, but also not over Pay. The annual budget of Prussia Foundation is approximately three hundred and sixty million euros. Of these, only one-hundredth for new acquisitions, and little more for digitisation, Outreach or Building maintenance is not available.

If the Foundation or its membra disiecta – state at the same number of staff substantially to be upgraded, would probably be a three-digit million amount due. At some point towards the end of the press conference were rumours that Hermann Parzinger, "much as" suspension of the Federal Minister of Finance. No, not much, but everything. Ms. Grütters and its successor will run as a Supplicant of the Federal Ministry of Finance and there is need to explain why the National museums want to save, by you smash your Superstructure. That is the political reality behind the cultural Malaise.

Date Of Update: 14 July 2020, 03:19

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