Corona-implications for the culture: The art of self-help

In Eastern Europe has lysed the Corona-crisis, the cultural life of para-and government deficits, increasingly, the artists attempted to bridge through internat

Corona-implications for the culture: The art of self-help

In Eastern Europe has lysed the Corona-crisis, the cultural life of para-and government deficits, increasingly, the artists attempted to bridge through international collaborations. The project "Music and Dialogue", with the support of the Federal foreign office, young musicians from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Germany in the Eastern Ukrainian crisis region, near the border to the "people's Republic" of Lugansk brought together to give concerts in the war-torn Region, had to move for July, scheduled a Baroque programme in the autumn. As a substitute met the core participants now, to Zoom, to discuss the Situation in their countries.

Kerstin Holm.

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

told The culture Manager Anna Kazakova, which holds together in the Belarusian Minsk the organizational threads, such as the authoritarian ruling President, Aleksandr Lukashenka ignored the pandemic. But mainly on the Initiative of artists and media technologists have made the civil society-independent, so Kazakova. The people were of their own accord to hygiene rules. Through the Crowdfunding platform, MolaMola, a total of 300 000 euros were collected to be Doctors, which is prohibited by the authorities, to the public on the disease to donate, the lack of protective equipment.

power struggle in Minsk

But recently has been locked MolaMola from your carrier, Belgasprombank,. For the Bank, a subsidiary of the Russian Gazprom group, was taken over by the state because of their longtime Director, Viktor Babariko in the presidential elections in August against Lukashenka wants to compete. Babariko was arrested. Him criminal business methods, and particularly absurd to be accused – the intent to bring paintings Belarusian artist, which he purchased at international auctions and to Minsk took, abroad. It was not bad, says Kazakova, if the state only helps people, but also prevents you from, to help themselves.

In the Ukraine, where every day is a good six hundred new infections are reported, open after week-long closure of some of the stages. The Kiev Symphony orchestra, the strings of the rehearsals with masks, but without their chief conductor, Luigi Gaggero, because of the not permitted to enter the country as a foreigner for the time being, reported the flutist Inna Vorobets. Samples of brass were prohibited until July. But the government employees who are members of the orchestra get their salary. The Lviv Opera is rehearsing in the meanwhile, for open-air performances, said the violinist Lesya Dermenzhi. The Eastern Ukrainian district of Lugansk with only a total of sixty-Corona cases, the lowest number in the country. The theatre of the circle, capital city of Severodonetsk, where "Music and Dialogue" takes place, the four-person musical play "Natalka Poltawka" by Mykola Lysenko. Of the seventy seats in the ' – five square meters of space for each, would for the time being occupied only fifteen, confessed to the dramaturge Tetiana Plis, perhaps many would still be afraid.

In the "people's Republic" is the statistics secret

from the Pro-Russian mercenaries occupied Lugansk, the teacher trainer, Ministry of culture Tatyana Sagazkaja was from the home office switches, which reported, in the people's Republic of the Corona would have kept statistics secret; there are, however, hardly any cases of illness. The Lugansk theatre played currently online, a musician, unfortunately. The people were running around with self-made masks, said Sagazkaja, the confessed to, you think these "muzzles" nonsense.

the violinist of the Armenian Symphony orchestra, Monika Mchitarjan, which was itself suffering from Corona spoke emphatically, as her mother, and her sister is still in the hospital. Armenia is affected by the disease, with three million inhabitants, recorded a day six to seven hundred new infections. Many Armenians had underestimated the danger, if hygiene rules are ignored and so the situation worsens, says Mchitarjan, your country had to ask for Doctors from France and Lithuania to support.

Date Of Update: 22 June 2020, 13:19

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