Corona-the pseudo-experts: you can simulate science

overestimate in view of the unbroken seventy, eighty or ninety percent approval in the local representative surveys on corona management, prohibits it, the mood

Corona-the pseudo-experts: you can simulate science

overestimate in view of the unbroken seventy, eighty or ninety percent approval in the local representative surveys on corona management, prohibits it, the mood of pictures, providing the malicious Mutterings on Twitter. And yet, in the attacks on serious scientists and politicians suddenly recognize patterns that have brought the climate change discourse is always in the wrong location. The state of emergency is for the already scraped crisis communication to the heavy burden.

Joachim Müller-Jung

editor in the features section, responsible for the area of "nature and science".

F. A. Z. Twitter

Almost karikierend that had come in the past few days, in a Tweet, in which the globally-respected, but also politically squeamish Potsdamer Paläoklimatologe Stefan Rahmstorf with ironic quotation marks as a "climate researcher" humiliated and derogatory to the boss-activists declared. The attempt could only fail. The Nuhr affair had a sequel. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft saw, after you load the climate and corona experts will be happy to frotzel the satirist Dieter Nuhr for your video campaign #for the knowledge as a response to hundreds of Twitter protests rashly and then for the sake of freedom of expression has not resumed, the allegations of frustrated scientists exposed to that caused the Shitstorm and the mocking-bird only as a representative for the Sciences as a bad joke considered. A representative of between the quotation marks, so to speak.

Targeted uncertainty

the nervousness of The scientists must be interpreted not as fear of the dirty image. Satire as a expert critique had not been a large Problem. What are the virologists, epidemiologists and climate scientists rather nervous to be malingerers, the targeted uncertainty of the people through Science. The soul catcher and intellectuals are often academics with the title, which pretend to come from the environment of the knower but only on the scaffolding of a half-knowledge, and also not to take the trouble, with a gigantic effort generated Evidence of the experts first, to classify and to understand.

You would think that a bad Imitation of a professional society knowledge among the communication conditions of the networked world, today, barely able to. But because you made a mistake on the part of the network of the avant-garde. The tübingen-based media scientist Bernhard Pörksen reminded recently in an article in the "NZZ am Sonntag" and quite rightly so: "The My and Claim conditions takes place under other Check". Who twisted the facts, risking lives. And yet the concept has in the corona of a crisis about to make with a quickly posted, but still Unreviewed Preprints of the global research convoy fire, also, as Pörksen has already called once, "neglect and Verpöbelung of the discourse".

The blur for the scientific process of cognition of everyday life, prove to be in the communication to the outside as an uncontrollable boomerang. The pseudo-scientists are the first with a triumphant gesture and frightening arbitrariness of the science process. They can be described as a conspiracy theorist of a higher academic level. Of course, you know that every empirical Detail, which is tickled by the new Virus and the pandemic in laborious small work out, knowledge is Presumption, and therefore, subject to is. It is falsified but not in their professional competence.

As has often undermined the principle of Competence in the pandemic communication, is difficult to discretion. The social networks are full of discourses that document. Pseudo-experts, the mortise non-stop nonsense, can certainly also be people from the trade. The retired Mainz microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, holds masks for child abuse and only recently found that there is since weeks no new Covid-19-sick more in the country, is getting clicked even millions of times. The American physics Nobel laureate Michael Levitt has built up in the meantime, a questionable popularity in the network, where he activists as democracy's Savior marks as many of the Corona, and alcohol or sweets for ten times more dangerous convicts as the new Coronavirus.

Updated Date: 17 August 2020, 07:19

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