European universities: the block seminar in Paris

Not even the former Commission President, Jacques Delors, knew what specific Form should be adopted by the European Union. He thought she was an "unidentified

European universities: the block seminar in Paris

Not even the former Commission President, Jacques Delors, knew what specific Form should be adopted by the European Union. He thought she was an "unidentified object". In political science the statement from Gary Marks, according to which the EU member States "friendly" to be merged. The linguistic guesswork, continued in 2017, as the President of France, Macron in his Sorbonne speech, called "the European universities". Twenty of these objects should be built by 2024, without that he would have stopped with the Details. The establishment of new universities, he could not have meant, it was said by French officials. Networks but there was a long time ago.

The choice fell once again on the merger. By since then, the concept of "alliances", in the average composed of seven universities, is what is a moderate number. On Thursday, the EU Commission named the second Time such alliances. 24 more came to the 17 existing add. In order for the Commission Macrons has not interpreted plans, but they exceeded by far: soon, you can study of 41 European universities, or at least claiming to.

Vision of European student life

The four member States that were assumed to be in the first round empty – Bulgaria, Estonia, Luxembourg and Slovakia – are allowed to follow suit. Another novelty in round two: There are four alliances, without Germany or France. Germany has overtaken the leaders of France, by 35 (formerly 15) universities promote, in France, only 32 were from 16. Countries such as the Netherlands and Romania, cut in proportion to their size, however, is even better.

for the First time, German universities of applied Sciences (FHs) are with Darmstadt, and Mittweida represented. Bernd Steffensen, Professor and coordinator in Darmstadt, Germany, is relieved: "In the run-up to it was called that, anyway back to the Big one." 2019 Darmstadt was only a failure to a point on the recording hurdle. Because the application was so promising, the grip of the German academic exchange service of the University, with 150,000 euros under the arms, and led this year to the success.

The Partner-universities from Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Cyprus have even searched specifically for a University of applied Sciences as a cooperation partner, because they appreciated the good contacts in the business, says Steffensen. It is planned now, a joint study programmes with "mobility Windows". The students should be able to a part of your modules, say: "I'm going to get in Sofia and Cluj-Napoca!" A new European student card can open all eight locations of the doors. Also, the lecturers are expected to travel around with the students, your teaching load would, finally, also in Riga or Dublin do, so Steffensen. As a Vision he calls a new legal form, which deprives the University of one day, the sovereignty of Hessian ministries and with the other universities together.

Joint programmes of study

Stefanie Walter, the Officer in Mittweida, Sachsen, develop, has other ideas. To drive across Europe, you would not be sustainable enough. Instead, to result from their Alliance, now a virtual Campus. On the phone it looks as if the positive decision came as a surprise at first, but Walter does not want to make light of the University under the bushel: "Our light towers are the laser technology and the digital forensics." In addition, Mittweida takes on a crucial role in the so-called "third Mission": While the partners focus on research and teaching, and is specialized here to the Transfer to the outside. In order Macrons rises the idea of an academically-driven European renewal, would have to bring the universities more into society.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 06:19

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