F. A. Z.-Newsletter: After 90 Hours Of Deal!

at half past six this morning, President of the Council, Charles Michel, took the shortest Tweet to the probably longest marathon of negotiations of the EU-hist

F. A. Z.-Newsletter: After 90 Hours Of Deal!

at half past six this morning, President of the Council, Charles Michel, took the shortest Tweet to the probably longest marathon of negotiations of the EU-history: "Deal!" 90 hours after the start of the summit on Friday the member States agreed on a 750 billion Euro aid programme to help , especially of the Corona-pandemic-hit States and sectors on the legs. Not two-thirds of the sum to be given, such as German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron planned, in the form of grants, but only 390 billion, 360 billion in additional aid must be repaid by the recipient countries. Also on the first of the seven-year budget after the Brexit the countries agreed. The "saving seeds" Northern countries were the credit-financed Corona-AIDS on the barricades, were able to buy for high discounts out.

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F. A. Z.

Because than it would not have been enough, that it went to a total of € 1.8 trillion , an unprecedented avoidance of the debt ban to the so-called "reconstruction" of Europe, in addition to billions for the Climate change and also the rule of law – for many member States it was even more Fundamental gone: the new balance of the European Union after the Brexit. For a long time hardly a member of a EU without the British, so bang in The Hague. The free traders saw the side of the left and fiscal policy maßhalte low countries, the focus of the Union to the South, Hiking and feared that Germany would want to save his influence in that it conforms more closely to the statist assessed France. the And exactly those concerns, Prime Minister Mark Rutte was confirmed , as it was now a question of how the better by the pandemic come to EU States to help the crisis-hit countries. And so it came to pass that Dutch stubbornness in a war of attrition, after the on Tuesday, almost all of the Participants were able to present a good EU style as the winner. Macron, who had hewn in Brussels, often on the table, celebrated a "historic" day. Rutte got as a little gift, that the member States are allowed to retain a higher share of the EU import duties - not bad, if you have the port of Rotterdam.

In Germany it is today in different places to the danger of right-wing extremism. the In Magdeburg starts of the criminal proceedings against Stephan B., the last year in October, on Yom Kippur, two people in the hall , actually, after the Conviction of the Prosecutor's office but 68 wanted to kill shot, the most in the local synagogue. A locked door stopped him. The attorney General has said, is "deeply imbued with anti-Semitism" . The perpetrator himself said in his interrogation that he did want to fight for the "disadvantaged" and "oppressed" white men"". My colleague Mona Jaeger followed the first Day of the trial in the courtroom and will report on faz.net as the defendant is there.

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In Wiesbaden must justify interior Minister Peter Beuth, the interior Committee of the Parliament. Why could obviously query a radically right-wing-minded cops recently data in police computers, to send as a "NSU 2.0" threatening e-mails? Why was not changed the System in the past? the Prime Minister Volker Bouffier assured my colleague, Ewald Hetrodt in an Interview that he can sleep well, because "the police do a good job" and, therefore, it had "claim" that "we trust". the He has, however, conceded that after the first "NSU 2.0"-Letters of the measures taken "were not enough". Beuth, in turn, will have to leave again today to ask why he came so late to the conclusion that it could actually "give right-wing networks," in Hesse the police. In his editorial, my colleague, Julian Staib is what needs to prepare the state in addition to the affair to the "NSU 2.0" Worries: Near Kassel, was murdered Walter Lübcke, in Hanau, Germany, a mentally ill racist killed nine persons in or against hookah Bars, has been in wächtersbach on a Black shot. the The bitter truth is that in the year 2020, 75 years after the end of the war: right-wing extremism is threatening Germany.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2020, 02:20

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