Festival Young Euro Classic: Muted volume is doing pretty well

If there is a space on the stage, proposing the hour of the Arrangements. Ten Brass musicians are on stage at the Berlin Konzerthaus at the Young Euro Classic F

Festival Young Euro Classic: Muted volume is doing pretty well

If there is a space on the stage, proposing the hour of the Arrangements. Ten Brass musicians are on stage at the Berlin Konzerthaus at the Young Euro Classic Festival, a double bass player in the middle, all within the specified distance of two meters. Clean from room, the the Ensemble from musicians of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) will take on the stage, one is close to the Original: More space, an orchestra does not need the Ludwig van Beethoven's first Symphony performs as originally intended. Here, however, a machining of the work is heard in the Tradition of classical harmony in music.

Since Mozart's time, these Arrangements for wind ensemble were common, not least of all, to be able to popular melodies from the Opera off-stage play. Georg Schmitt, Kapellmeister at the court of Öhringen at Prince August of Hohenlohe, is one of those who had particularly fond of and could not "in harmony", among other things, and yet during his lifetime, Beethoven – whose horn-friendly first Symphony. And lo and behold: You Hear the thoughts that something might be missing. What was intended not only to Georg Schmitt, but rather the musicians (even former) of the EUYO. Furios play this piece: agile, supple, with a beautiful sound, rich in contrast, and as virtuosic as it is necessary, when a Violin is played on a wind Instrument. Particularly, the two clarinets have a job to do here: A event is alone tongue the Double in Staccato, with the help of Romain Guyot, now a solo clarinettist with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the auftaktigen scales in the final movement goes up. Victor Aviat conducted with a shrewd awareness of the chamber musical size of the ensemble; it requires collegial integration of the orchestra conductor.

Perhaps Aviat would have can also help in the case of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart's D major Divertimento KV 136, which was performed at the beginning of the Evening of twenty strings of the orchestra. On a conductor, she self-consciously avoid, led by the concertmaster Jacqueline Martens, succeed in an airy, elegant, remarkably accurate reproduction, of a lack of it but to link edges. And between the two works: three movements for horn Quartet by Nikolai Tcherepnin and a double bass Quartet, the Finnish tango is playing.

The youth orchestra, Young Euro Classic festival, which is now into its third decade, held a series of new discoveries and Surprises. Because you want to. almost the circumstances of prices, which led to the reprogramming of the festival, which has been in the past few years, louder and louder in the increasingly gridlocked tracks moving Orchestras from all over the world: The corona due to the possible. So, the chamber has listed music, small and larger-scale, primarily of students of the two universities in Berlin and the Barenboim-Said Academy.

The Festival was demonstrated by the fact – quite apart from the here to experience the folkloristic colourfulness – so surprising and differentiated as in a long time. The Abspeckung the evening rituals did well: the dire festival anthem, Iván Fischer in an attempt Mahler cher irony composed, the visitors are usually spared, as well as extra-long greeting, as well-known concert sponsors. Longer than ninety minutes should take none of the break-free concerts.

And even the hygiene concept for the audience is a bit of a gain, if the legroom in the tight-sit down concert of the concert hall increases, so comfortable: A quarter of the seats could only be assigned via a sophisticated arrow system, the visitor was led to his place. The mostly sold-out concerts appeared by the released places such as the sparsely attended evening lectures at a College of music, heard to the downside. However, the mood at Young Euro Classic tended in recent years to the folk festival-like. Unusual, challenging pieces could already be beat with beleidigtem doors and barely suppressed I want in the audience commented. This year, almost reverent silence, which probably had to do with the pure joy prevailed, to be able to again attend a concert.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2020, 15:19

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