Frankfurter Anthologie: Elke Erb: Strange

This poem has its place at the very edge between the Serious and the Comic. Poems are in this border area, so rare that they seem strange. According to Sigmund

Frankfurter Anthologie: Elke Erb: Strange

This poem has its place at the very edge between the Serious and the Comic. Poems are in this border area, so rare that they seem strange. According to Sigmund Freud education practice standards. The Different triggers, however, either crying or Laughing. Both reactions have in common that they are responses to a marginal position, for its part, has set Helmuth Plessner. Elke Erb is apparently not only Freud and Plessner-knowledgeable, you understand in addition to this, a third (you could say: Benjamin's) border of the reaction to introduce: At the sight of her own poem, she reported she was frozen like a rabbit before the snake. Literally, she writes: "The poem ,is Strange', is also strange. While I edited it in the summer of 2013, I sat in front of it as any, as a snake was so strange. It was then the Pride this summer.“ What is a witty description of the shock experience.

What is the shock justified? Specifically, in a literature typical activities: Matthias Claudius like at night the moon sung, Heinrich Heine in Germany have thought, in this poem, however, is at night corrected. You must read the autobiographical. Elke Erb is known that you edited your texts again and again. So apparently, in the summer of 2013, as you of your text from the 8. November 2006, once again, accepts. The critical self-examination is not necessarily a pleasure, but already in classical rhetoric, inventio was find "" also, again and again. And this border experience between the New and the Old, the Familiar and the Unexpected calls on Elke Erb. To the shock of foreign, the vicinity is for you that you recognize in your own Work, a previously overlooked law: "and". May have led the snake fright for a short time even for thinking rigid, with the subsequent sentence, the poem moves in such a thought speed that you have to be careful as readers not to be carried out of the curve. But the triple comparison makes sense: To draw a Laugh, and the sound results In a lively and down.

The Laugh corresponds in this way, the wave form of light, as well as the sound – tip, tip, tip of the dripping rain. Can this be read as a poetological commentary. Erb holds (or birkt) your comic punch line rather than from the naturalistic recording of (rain)noise in seconds style, from the lightning-fast exchange in the abstraction, in order to make the common patterns of Laughter, light and rain down. The Freudian education of the Normal opposes the Erb so the knowledge of the exceptionally agile speed-of-thought. Who can not laugh at this combination of art, may feel that it is an exception. At the same time, the case is a serious one: light = Laugh = rain – that sounds like a world formula.

A friendly salmon society

According to the spirit of lightning flashed in the night life remains in literary terms, changes to the Breakfast, but the correction of his own poems to the reading of a foreign Text. The desert emptiness "of the Text from E.", which apparently holds no appeal for the reader willing to allow the attention, however, a trip to the own eyes. Behold: The Laugh of the night is written as a (strange)Time. Erb uses this observation clairvoyant in an anthropological understanding: The border-beings, man has a corrective look at yourself stemming from a tendency to Lust, Laughter, and pleasure. This needs to be communicated. On the night itself, the conversation and the dialogue with the boring Text, the phone now talking with B. Even when a sudden communication need, it is a strange twist, the turns, in turn, if the figure then applies for the Rest of the day, any thought on correction, reading and knowledge go to waste. In the evening, so to speak "post post -" light the knowledge of the Morning "in the evening sunshine" again. In the first impression, it is still people that do something (laugh). In the second the deed to the property is the Salmon, to the (memory)Changes. At the same time has changed the Laugh about the (strange) Stranger in a with each other Laugh. This friendly salmon society is so strange that it could be smooth to a Mirage in the evening glow. You would then have to again with a Laugh to respond. Elke Erb leads how to do it, with the seriously weird lyrics. Until the next correction.

Date Of Update: 02 August 2020, 10:20