Grisebach-preview: journey through the eras

In its evening auction "Selected works" at 9. July tries to Grisebach, under the title "From Dürer to Balkenhol" to margins 52 of the arc from the Renaissan

Grisebach-preview: journey through the eras

In its evening auction "Selected works" at 9. July tries to Grisebach, under the title "From Dürer to Balkenhol" to margins 52 of the arc from the Renaissance to the contemporaries. The individual works are to occur in the catalogue, in correspondence to each other, what works more or less well. So a "Moving box" by Günther Uecker from the year 1971 (estimate 200.000/300.000 euros) is to be found in the neighbourhood of Jan Brueghel d. J. "a Large bouquet of flowers with an Imperial crown in the wooden tub" of 1625/30 again. The typical colorful floral arrangement against a black Background is going on with 800,000 to 1.2 million euros, the highest prized.

The twenties are represented by the Bauhaus, Oskar Schlemmer's large-format metal installation "wire figure of the Homo with the Back piece on the Hand" (150.000/200.000); an original Wagenfeld lamp, model W1, comes from the year 1930 (60.000/80.000). To the New objectivity, a "lake Constance, landscape in stormy weather" by Otto Dix (140.000/180.000) counts. The climax of the expressionists, the double portrait is "Pomeranian peasants" by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, from 1924, estimated at 400,000 to 600,000 euros; through its shimmering colors and the straight stroke of the brush, it works amazingly constructivist. Alexej von Jawlensky is present, with the bright Murnau- "landscape with trees" of 1909 (300.000/400.000). Conrad Felix müller portrays in 1922, on the large-format pen-and-ink drawing, "winter day on the mine," a miner on a cold winter morning (70.000/100.000 Euro). To put Felix müller travelled at the beginning of the twenties in the Ruhr area, in order to shift an artistic monument. The impressionism in the offer is dominated by Lesser Ury and Max Liebermann. Bathed in light, URY's atmospheric view of the City is "Under the Linden trees with a view of the Brandenburg gate" (to 100,000/150,000), and with an interesting provenance: In the sixties, the picture came into the possession of the Ury-lover, Axel Springer, gave it in 1975, the showmaster Hans Rosenthal for the fiftieth birthday.


A focus in Grisebach on rediscovered artists that were taught in the last few years, at auction a success. Here in 1876, in Warsaw-born artist Mela Muter, the painted of the century turn of the century in Paris belongs to; it is represented with the large-format "children's group" of 1913 (180.000/240.000). Muters group portrait of tones with its pastel color and the composition as a devotional painting. Of strong contrasts, the compositional shimmering "black painter II" by Norbert Bisky are marked. The image was 2019, in the St. Matthew Church in Berlin, oscillates between abstraction and Figuration, and reveals two young men in the typical body style Biskys (50.000/70.000).

The present art, together with the Modern on 10. July under the Hammer brought. At the time of abstraction, and Pop dominate-enjoyed reflections, the share of German artists is striking. Room engaging is an early work, "untitled," by Katharina Grosse, for the 200 000 to 300 000 Euro are expected. Similarly, in a large format in Black and Red tones, the painting of "Pluton" by André Butzer (50 000/ 70 000), which is a human-like creature with abstracted facial features is. For Imi Knoebel's Installation "Woman's play" (70 000/90 000) is anchored in a long red piece of metal under the ceiling, a gray and a white metal box standing next to it.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2020, 11:20

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